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(Looking for witty title, please inquire within)

Tonight’s session was with one of the sweetest babies ever with the nicest parents! Miss M came to the studio toView full post »

The Quintessential Early Autumn Day

Seriously. Perfection in so many ways. This afternoon’s session was wonderful. I had a blast getting to knowView full post »

Magical Flowerland

If I could call the forest anything this early autumn it would be that. I wasn’t kidding several posts ago aboutView full post »

Fortuitous Unexpected Benefits/Rewards/Mistakes

The parents of my session today will totally understand today’s blog title ;). For the rest of you out there, itView full post »

Updates: Autumn Bookings and Other Schtuff

Quick update: there are only a couple of sessions still available for October, if you are interested please contactView full post »

I Swear I’ve Been A Complete Airhead (no offense to airheads every where) ;)

Today is a day of downtime for me but some corrections are in order for those who may have received the wrongView full post »

BFF from HS

I once knew this girl. She was funny, goofy, silly and a great friend.  Somehow, over the years (and probably due toView full post »

Thanks to all my clients…

for being mostly awesome and emailing to check in on my mother in law (who I had briefly mentioned in passing to aView full post »


Last date for guaranteed Holiday delivery for 2007 sessions is November 11.  Prints for gifts, holiday cards, etc. fromView full post »