Chicago Family Photography : “Don’t Disappear from the Picture”

It’s no secret that some of my favorite photographs during Chicago family photography sessions include mother and child portraits.  I’ve photographed multitudes of families over the years and it’s one of my fondest wishes for photography sessions to include mothers with their children.  In fact I am so passionate about moms being involved in photo sessions that at a photographer’s retreat in Colorado a few summers ago I took it upon myself to persuade the mom of one of our models for that weekend to take part in posing for a serene water pool photo with her daughter.  My belief is that ANY opportunity presented where a photo can be taken with you and your children you should take it.   At one point the only things that are left are photographs (and videos, more on that later) and it’s so very important to leave those memories for your children.

I have also committed to my mom clients and I tell each and every one of them: I promise to create beautiful compelling photos that include you: be it as the focal point OR as a prop for the baby (some moms feel more comfortable being secondary in focus).  I assure you, my reader, that I will create gorgeous portraits that capture both your bond with your children AND the beautiful person that YOU are (both as a woman and as a mom).

Today I came across this beautiful article that features the viewpoint of a daughter whose mother passed away when she was all too young.  It simply reinforces my belief that a photo including mom is never a photo wasted.  It’s important to put aside our own body issues, our issues with aging, our issues with the size of our waistline and remember when we contribute our beautiful faces to an image taken with our children it is ultimately for THEM that we do it.  No one else.

Link to the article is below.  But first some gorgeous mother – child photos taken over the past year or so:

on location photography western Chicago suburbs








Since the inception of Marmalade Photography in 2005 we have always taken the during our suburban and Chicago family photography sessions to create mother-child images as we know that mom is usually BEHIND the camera.  We take care to photograph moms from the best angles and to make sure mom looks her very best.  If you’re ready for a Chicago family photography session (or somewhere in the burbs!) give us a call at 815-603-8450 to schedule your very own family photos with Marmalade Photography.

I encourage you to take the 5 minutes to read this heart felt article: DON’T DISAPPEAR FROM THE PICTURES

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