Chicago Teen Photography

Hazy, overcast & about-to-rain Chicago spring days are some of my favorite days to shoot! Let’s add some beautiful people to the mix? Well it’s a little slice of heaven. In this case we are focusing on some Chicago teen photography on the far North side.

I’ve been photographing E & V (and their brother O) for more years than I can count on two hands. I think E was not even a year old the first time I photographed her and her beautiful mama. This kid is full of expressions for certain!! It has been a pleasure watching her grow up in front of me!! And V, her sweet older brother has grown up and is coming into his own: handsome, kind and athletic…a great combo.

Apologies for the delayed mini sneak peek on these two awesome kids. Thanks again to their awesome parents for trusting me enough over the years to record these kids growing up into young adults. It’s a bittersweet job but I certainly love doing it! We had only a brief time to create some magic with these two but it was enough (blows on & shines finger nails on pretend lapel) 😉

And some sibling love from back in the day (2012 does NOT seem like it was a decade ago) & some sibling not-so-love from just a few years back:

Life goes by fast…

Remember when your children were young and every well meaning older mom would come up to you/your family when you were wrangling Littles and trying to keep yourself together and they would chime in with a well meaning: “It really does go by so fast…” They really weren’t lying were they? And if you’re there right now and rolling your eyes at us older moms: I don’t judge that either. Man those days went by so slow sometimes…it’s really a little nutty that our children’s childhood is like that. There comes a point where you just want to bottle it all up and freeze it. The only way I know how to freeze time is through photos.

Is it time for you to get some Chicago teen photography done of your not-so-littles or perhaps you still have littles and would love to form a relationship with a professional photographer who not only gets it but has a commitment to the extended family relationships she forms with her clients? Someone to help you measure time and create beautiful memories along the way? You came to the right place. Let’s set up a discovery phone call to see if we are the right fit – I would love to help you create some pretty imagery for your home and for your life. 815-603-8450 is my number, I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Lisa Jozwiak - May 29, 2022 - 11:41 am

    These are amazing!! You are such a miracle worker! These two weren’t even planning to get their pictures taken that afternoon – they were photo session crashers!! So, so happy we squeezed them in because look how they’ve grown and bloomed over the course of the last 3 years. So grateful you have such a gift for connecting with and capturing these teens on film.

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