I Swear I’ve Been A Complete Airhead (no offense to airheads every where) ;)

Today is a day of downtime for me but some corrections are in order for those who may have received the wrong newsletter sent in email on Friday the 21st. Before I proceed, once again there are some session times/dates available still to guarantee Holiday delivery and to capture your children and families in the spectacular color abounding world of October!! Give me a call to set a session up or to answer any q’s you may have! 815.603.8450

First, corrections. One of my emails contained what was supposed to be the newest newsletter for Fall 2007; I inadvertently sent some of my newsletter recipients the fall’s/winter’s edition for 2006. You may find the newest copy of my newsletter for Fall 2007 here. My apologies for the mix up, I’ve sort of been distracted with a bunch of things this past week. 🙂 Once again the links are not working appropriately in the pdf form of the newsletter…I need to find a fix for that. Most of the items there are easy enough to find, if you would like the list of links, pop me off an email or phone call and I’ll be happy to send the links that were should have been in the newsletter.

Second, shopping!! I love shopping (but y’all already know that). The focus is…my fave of all holidays…HALLOWEEN! I have a few sites to check out for the upcoming Halloween Holiday!!

Halloween Costume Express My oldest child LOVES looking at catalogs and when the catalog arrived in the mail from Costume Express she was in heaven!! Check out the adorable pink poodle costume or red riding hood costume for girls. For boys (once again with the pirates), their pirate costumes can’t be beat (check out the skull candy pail)! Also, I am especially loving the race car driver costume for little guys (my pal Lucas would LOVE this!!) Be sure to enjoy this time in their lives when they don’t care about WHAT character they want to be (my oldest insists on wanting to be Sharpay from HSM2. Bleh.)

For creepy home decor, you really cannot go wrong with The Fright Catalog. They have a nice selection of gargoyles (that I love) and headstones and haunted characters (if you like medieval knights in armor you may appreciate this.

Also, after having made a trip there with the kids several days ago, I rediscovered that my local KMart has fantastic fantastic creepy decor (and some cutesy stuff that may appeal to the younger set). I love this skeleton in a cage (Michael’s also has some really great skeletons in a cage as well). KMart also has this really cool hanging (not motion detecting, sounding) hanging ghost skeleton made with cheesecloth. Yeah, one could argue that you could make it yourself and it might be just a bit less expensive to do so but for $29.99 do you even want to take the trouble to do so? Also, I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate raven’s into my decor this year and at $7.99 (must be in brick & mortar store only, can’t find a link) I can play total Martha Stewart (her decorating team for Halloween seem to love that pesky black bird!). I do believe KMart needs a cosmetic overhaul to compete with Target however it is by far the best discount store for decor for holidays. I never seem to NOT find something I love there around this time of year (and for the winter holidays as well).

For party ideas…I absolutely adore Birthday Party Ideas dot com. It takes some searching, without a doubt, but it is a wonderful resource for all sorts of party ideas from “on the cheap” to all out budget. This site has been a valuable resource for me over the years.

Thanks for stopping in and, oh, I can’t leave without leaving an image from a recent session. Since the theme is Halloween I had to dig to a recent session highlighting a subject dressed for the occasion. Who better than to showcase my pal M who was all geared up for the holiday an almost full 2 months early!! This is also an appetizer for Darla who is having to wait a few more days for her gallery to go live. 🙂 I hope this helps pass the time, Darla!!

Fighting Fires & Looking Adorable

Til next time!

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - September 23, 2007 - 7:57 am

    OK.. can I just say I LOVE your newsletter.. thats so cool.. I didnt know you had one.. what a great idea.

  • Darla - September 27, 2007 - 8:21 pm

    Thanks for the appetizer Mare! I just love my little fireman. Oddly enough, he wants to be a doctor for Halloween. Could have bet on the boots and red hat and lost. Btw, just saw the slideshow and I am in love! You are amazing!!!!!

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