BFF from HS

I once knew this girl. She was funny, goofy, silly and a great friend.  Somehow, over the years (and probably due to stupid teen stuff) we lost touch. However I had always had a soft spot for this girl, one of my BFFs from HS ;).

Fast forward, oh about 18 or so years ahead (just 2 months or so ago) and I get an email asking for information for family sessions. Immediately I recognized the last name and emailed back. Turns out one of my best friends (forever!) from high school had found me through the Cavalcade of Homes display in Plainfield back from 2006 and kept the card to set up a session. She had no clue it was me!! (time to cue “It’s a Small World”).

That girl from HS grew up to have 3 gorgeous boys of her own. Wow. Seriously I’ve been feeling it lately but where oh where did time fly?

It was terrific fun to meet up with and her fun family…Mike her husband and her three boys J, M & A (or is it J, A, M or is it M, J, A or is it A, J, M :D). Mike, it was a pleasure talking shop with you, seriously going to pick your brain someday soon.

So please allow me to present some images from tonight’s Marmalade Urban Studio session. We had a blast, the light was perfection (this time of year is steadily perfect for light in the late afternoon) and the company was wonderful. Thanks so much for coming out to ‘play’.

Oh, and Julie, I finally figured out measurements for my mom’s crepe recipe! Ha.

See, Hear, Speak, er sorta, No Evil

handsome #1

Handsome #2

Handsome #3

All in the Family


Thanks for stopping by. Til next time!!

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - September 21, 2007 - 7:16 pm

    I really like these.. alot.. what a lovely family and how fun to reconnect like that

  • Jim Danforth - October 8, 2007 - 2:50 pm

    I am Julie’s father. I remember Maryanne from her visits to our home in her HS years. She always was a lovely young lady, mature for her age and yet so outgoing and quick-witted. I’m glad to see her work in the pictures of our daughter, son in law, and grandkids. These pictures are wonderful. What an ARTIST she is. I hope she enters photography contests; I expect some wins. I’m just blown away by her talent, not only with my family but other pics on her site as well.

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