IC Prep High School Senior Photos

When (not-so-little) A moved to the area with her beautiful mom and dad I was very honored to be their family photographer of choice for their Chicago area move. I remember I spoke with Nikki early on, before the move, and she told me how important it was to find a photographer to capture their early times in Chicagoland. I was up for the challenge! We’ve created some incredible moments to remember through the years, truly an honor to be selected as someone to create memories with.

These sessions with clients always make me feel like one of my own is graduating again. When I saw Nikki at our session she said to me: “It’s like we’re family!”

Yes it is! What an honor to be thought of in the same way as I think of my Marmalade families. Because truly: Marmalade *is* family. I’ve said it time and time again, it makes me incredibly happy to see yet one of my Marma-kids graduating to the next stage in life. Not-so-Little-anymore A is a senior and is gorgeous and sweet and amazing to photograph.

“A” wanted flowers and I sought to deliver her the most incredible aesthetic area I could. I texted her mom a photo of one of my favorite locations in all its’ incredible September glory (I am telling you, my dear readers, I wax poetic about September for many reasons…this being one!!) and “A” immediately said “YES!”. I brainstormed with my dear friend Dawn over at Stella Mae & Co. Flowers (who is such an amazing Chicago area floral artist!!) to create a beautiful crown of wildflowers for not-so-Little A to really create a beautiful high school senior session for this young lady. Dawn truly delivered for us. I chose the wildflowers but she did all the design and assembly work and frankly I didn’t even fully envision this crown and yet it is exactly what I wanted for “A”.

Without further adieu here are some incredible IC Prep High School Senior Photos of beautiful, incomparable “A” and her mom (and crown of glory by Stella Mae & Co.)!!

I cannot wax poetic about my history with photographing this beauty without showing off a couple of highlights through the years…

How fast it all goes…how important it is to cherish it all. Love this family and again, this post is a mixed bag of love, laughter, happiness and sadness rolled into one. Thank you Nikki. Thank you “A”. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek.

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