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Close to 900 billion photos will be shot this upcoming year just in the United States.
Daily on Facebook: 300,000 photos are uploaded
On Instagram: 30,000 photos per MINUTE are uploaded

Digest those numbers for a moment, will you?  The bulk of these 900 billion photos will be taken digitally.  In my blog entry from yesterday  I spoke of printing more and my call for a “print revolution”, I don’t think it’s feasible that all 900 billion of those photos matter enough to be printed but I do believe the moments that matter should be printed.  In the aforementioned blog post I touched upon losing images to “the ether”, the digital no man’s land where, once a drive fails or there no longer exists hardware to read the data on your media.

It occurred to me that awhile back I watched a TEDx video about this very topic so I did a quick Google to search it out for this series on my blog.  In the video renowned photographer Kevin Gilbert speaks of the love of photography, of storytelling and the progression of time and he mentions how his littles are grown up and off to college now and how documentation of the big moments matters.  He calls himself a crusader of photo organization.  I want to join him in this crusade, more importantly I want people to PRINT MORE!!




In the video Gilbert asks several pertinent questions relating to his love of photography in a “DO YOU” format:

  1. Do you have a camera
  2. Do you have a camera?  Do you have a camera phone?  Do you have a dSLR?

He addresses the audience as “The Lost Generation” and asks many questions which include:

    • Do you cherish the memories of your life?
    • Do you love your spouse?  Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you love to take pictures of them?
    • Are there moments in your life where you think: I GOTTA SHOOT THIS PHOTO?  Those real moments in your life, moments you want to be able to access later via visual form.
    • Do you love your children?
    • Do you shoot photos of those children you love?

Do you have those little moments in your life – those moments where you say: “Do you remember that?”Do you carry a phone with you everywhere?

Finally he asks the big questions – the question that you may have heard me ask you, blog reader, before:


Can you find photos quickly if you need to?

Do you back up your photos?  Do you print your photos?

What if some business that holds images in the Cloud goes out of business?

Are your photos in danger of becoming part of this Lost Generation?  Anything can happen!  Loss due to acts of God, loss forces of Nature, technological failure, technological changes or even theft?

If you leave the phone at the hair dressers or the nail salon and it walks, how will you retrieve those images?  Some of the most important image(s) of the past year likely sit on your phone, do they not?  Have you already forgotten about 1/2 of the photos you have already taken?


– get memories off old devices
– back up photos in multiple locations
– organize in one central place
– get photos off social media sites: bring them back into your life
– put photos into stories to share with generations to come
– have fun with your photos
– put your photos together & tell a story
– savor the little moments

If you don’t take time to do it for yourself then do it for the generations to come.  They will thank you for telling your story.

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