Magical Flowerland

If I could call the forest anything this early autumn it would be that. I wasn’t kidding several posts ago about the way the forest is just laid out in white flowered splendor. I adore this time of year, late September is, in my opinion, the most fascinating time for shooting sessions. The light and the environment just are amazing.

Speaking of amazing, I had a session tonight with a family that was quite beautiful and amazing. It was a blast getting to know J, D, J, their mom Lisa and of course nanny G. I loved meeting all of you and had a blast tonite exploring the forest during the best time of the year for flowers….I *know* that J #1 & D were on the look out for yellow flowers (and I’m sure there were some) but what they were greeted with was acres upon acres of dainty white flowers, it felt like cloud land–on the ground of course–little puffs of white buds everywhere. Simply beautiful.  And thank you for coming out for a Forest Session with Marmalade from Naperville.
A big thanks to them for coming out this evening and for allowing me to photograph most of the family. I am so excited to present some amazing images from nothing short of an awesome session. Enjoy!

Flowerland Fairy Princess


Happy Guy

Evening Dock Walk

Ok, seriously off to bed now…I want to sleep so badly :). G’nite all…til next time.

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - September 29, 2007 - 8:19 am

    These are beautiful, I love the last one with the lake.. just amazing work girl

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