Thanks to all my clients…

for being mostly awesome and emailing to check in on my mother in law (who I had briefly mentioned in passing to a client and she went out of her way to call to wish us good health today. Thanks E!). For those who may not be in the know, my mother in law is temporarily out of commission as she has just undergone hip surgery earlier today. Life will be slightly MORE chaotic as she has been my go to person for some of the finer points of the finish up process in the business, mostly working on album assembly for me. She’s a great great lady and I hope that recovery goes well for her.   She is always commenting on how cuteness factor of all the kids I am lucky enough to photograph and is just such a great lady that I hope the next few months go quickly for her.

On a more business-y note, if I owe you a call or email I promise tomorrow (Thursday) is the day I’ll get back.  Today I was mostly away from the business to attend to personal matters.

I do want to leave some of my very patient clients (namely the H family) a quick better peek into their session. If you may recall I traveled out of state for this session, had a blast meeting this wonderfully warm family and had a great time meeting & photographing the kids (probably too much fun judging by the goofy things I had these kids do!!). I’m almost done editing but it still may be a day or two before it’s all done. Here are some sneaker peeks!

Baby Boxwood

Birdhouse + Boy = Fantastic


Modified Canonball (sorta)

Unwilling Participants (if you can believe that…)


Newsletter is coming out this week (it’s done, I just need a few moments to send out). Other tidbits as a reminder, last booked session to guarantee Holiday delivery is November 11. Booking is taking place for what dates remain in October and November. If you’re interested in setting up a session please give me a call.

Thanks for stopping in, til we meet again!

xoxo, Mare


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