…well, they aren’t so old but they are favorites. This is my 3rd time with this crew, 11 y/o and under (the kids anyway), 5 of ’em + their gorgeous parents Tara & Alan.

I love working with this family, they bring a fun energy that large families typically bring, a sort of controlled chaos that is palpable and allows our time together to unfold dynamically. Tara always has a fun mix of clothes every time (they coordinate without being nauseatingly matchy match, I so *love* that) and she comes up with some great ideas (I don’t just claim I love client input, I relish it. I think that clients taking some ideas and asking me to implement them with my vision is a wonderful challenge and look forward to Tara’s ideas each session). The kids are really well behaved and I enjoy them wholeheartedly, this time was no exception.

This time around we changed up a bit and we did a Marmalade Urban/Studio session (and we actually did break out the studio gear! Looky that!) instead of meeting them in Plainfield. I had a blast seeing you all, it is a true honor to be able to document the young lives of your beautiful children for you.

So, no need to read on further, there’s some sneak peeks!!

First Image Snapped:  Fortuitous



Aw yeah, real cutie

under my umbrella, ellaella, eheheh, under my umbrella, ellaella, eheh (sorry couldn’t stop myself)


Thanks for stopping in. Til next time…

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - October 29, 2007 - 12:41 pm

    What a great wall and the umbrella shots are awesome

  • Marianne - October 29, 2007 - 12:54 pm

    thank you elizabeth. i really had fun with those yesterday.

First things first….I want to thank Raylene & Jason for the wonderful gift of chocolate that I received today. It was beyond thoughtful and wonderful and I so enjoyed working with you and your four boys and although it was unnecessary, the truffles are a wonderful thank you gift that I truly truly will enjoy and more importantly appreciate.

In the past I have been rewarded (spoiled, blessed with) with wonderful and kind clients, thoughtful, many times understanding my view of the world through the lens and understanding that what we are doing together during our photo session is documenting the present moment, (which is not always the idealized way that we personally view our children, this sometimes differs from what is captured). Because over the past few years I have frequently encountered clients that understand this, I guess I am beyond spoiled. So, to be fair, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful clients who have “got it” in the past. Thank you thank you thank you. There are days, like today, where I am out for more hours than I care to think about and the world at large acts against me (traffic was way ugly on the way home), I reflect upon the wonderful times with clients, the sessions and the post session follow ups, the wonderfully penned letters of thanks, the thoughtful gifts and I truly am thankful that I can be part of your lives. So thank you to my wonderful clients from the past, from today and for the future.

Now for some sneak peeks. SINCE I am on the topic of past clients, let’s talk about the 2nd session of the day….a big thank you to Amy & Brian for inviting me to peek into their lives today for a second time and to record their son, A in his 2nd year of life. I so enjoy working with this family and as usual, had a wonderful time peeking into their family. Thank you, once again, for allowing me into your lives.  We made a tour of the parks and dog parks of the North Side of Chicago today.  Great fun!

Down Below

Green Door

Isn’t he growing up to be a handsome boy? He has the most captivating smile.


My first session today was park fun. A & J’s mom and I ran worked at getting these images but I assure you, Karen, you will be beyond pleased. The images are stunning and I am oh so happy to report that I think you will be pleasantly surprised!! (not often but on occasion the parents walk away from a session wondering: WHAT did we get, did we get anything? and I assure you today was not a day for worry about this). Thanks to Karen, A & J for allowing me to capture life as a big sister/little brother and playtime at the parks in Glencoe. Please enjoy your sneak peeks:


Royal Princess




A big thank you for stopping by.

xoxo, Mare



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  • Elizabeth - October 28, 2007 - 10:13 am

    These Sneek Peeks are wonderful I love the last shot and the girl with the beautiful tiara.. well done

I’ve had a run of sessions with little girls and the “M” name (if you know my oldest child’s name you know what name I’m talking about). Who knew it was the next Lisa/Julia/Christine? Ha.

This girl could’ve been named anything and it would still make her way adorable. I had a blast going to her home and photographing her and her mom & dad in and around their home in Wheaton. Thanks to Rod & Daesman who allowed me into their lives to catch a glimpse of M’s world. And thanks to L’s mom who also allowed me to capture his sweet nature as well.

So…scroll down for some sneak peek action of Miss M (and maybe some other people in her life as well). It was a fantastic time, hope you all had fun as well!

On the Classic Ottoman

Family of Three

Love this One

Thanks for stopping in!


In the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out a new client feature as well as a new client Q&A (with Francesca). That is when I can catch my breath for five minutes! LOL

xoxo, Mare


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Sneak peeks for Andrea, Rich and their two all too adorable sweet, happy go lucky kids.

Thank you for coming out from Geneva this afternoon and sharing with me a SPECTACULAR fall day in the forest.  I really loved getting to know your family, you guys are great.  I truly had a blast getting to know you through the lens. I think, no…nevermind that, I know you’ll be thrilled with the images from your session. There was not much that I didn’t love love love about our session together. So, go! Now! Scroll down for your sneak peeks! 🙂

The Door

The Path

and continuing with my fun, artsy & funky phase…M doing this to her daddy and Andrea & T looking on cracks me up…


Family Flare

Thank you for stopping in. Til next time!

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - October 24, 2007 - 6:03 pm

    so pretty.. all of these

I had the great pleasure of photographing KC and his parents Sunday afternoon.  It was a sort of mini blast from the past/small world thing (as seems to be happening much these days).  I grew up in the same neighborhood as KC’s dad and his mom and I led sort of parallel lives with regard to people and places.  Funny how small the world really is.

Small world things set aside, we couldn’t have ordered up a more wonderful fall afternoon.  The leaves falling, the colors just starting to change (we’ll disregard the heavy gusts of wind because on an 80 degree October day, a little wind never hurt anyone!).  The waterfall was magnificent yesterday and I believe part of it was the company I kept through the afternoon.

So this is what you get when you have a good looking boy, two wonderfully doting parents and a lovable pup by the name of Dixie.


Family Shot :)

A Favorite

I had a WONDERFUL time seeing you and finally meeting you all today.  A big thanks to KC and the gang, I hope you had a blast.  I also hope you enjoyed Polk-a-Dot (and of course, wonderful Ben Franklin!! )  As I always say, a trip to Wilmington is nothing without a trip to old favorites.


Thanks for stopping in, til next time (which is going to be soon because there are tons of sessions to preview).


xoxo, Mare


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