I had the privilege of meeting up with Mark & Deborrah and their gorgeous, fun, happy children M & E tonite for a forest session. Having Deborrah choose that location chosen made me realize how long it’s been since I did a session there. Can you believe May-ish or so? I know I can’t!

The weather, for a few hours there, looked like it wasn’t going to cooperate but it did…good ole Mother Nature pulled through for us to get a full session in (now if she could cooperate on the mosquito control front). If you recall, a few weeks ago I said September is a splendid time for a forest session, truly the beauty is JUST beginning to unveil itself in all its’ September splendor. There are green greens and white tiny flowers and fat headed yellow blooms all throughout the forest. Coupled with my favorite kind of light for a Marmalade Forest session, I think we made magic today. A big thank you to the wonderful L Family and their beautiful kids for coming out for a fun session!!

A Moment of Contemplation

Forest-y Family

Tree Trunk Sibs

Yay!  Another Marmalade TuTu Girl!


Thanks for paying me a visit. ‘Til next time…

xoxo, Mare

p.s. Can you believe Deborrah MADE this tutu? It looks JUST like Sophia’s from awhile back…I am really really impressed!!


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  • Elizabeth - September 11, 2007 - 5:45 am

    Hi.. I love these shots.. I do have a question though.. when you are shooting in these forest type situations do you find that you get a green cast on skin tones? I do in my own work and have trouble correcting I do know how to color correct in PS but find that I get either a greenish or yellowish cast that is a bit troublesome to correct. any suggestions?

…for the week. 🙂 Get ready for a posting bonanza!

So, tonight’s session was *A BLAST*. I mean, this little guy (and his mom & dad of course) was a good time. I have never seen a kid get so high in the air (scroll down to see what I’m talking about) and FLY. Literally, if he had wings, you’d know what E was going to go for. And sweet, this little doll was a sweetheart. I loved that I got kisses & hugs…it made my week!

So E, Mark & Melissa. Thanks to you for making the trek down for a Marmalade Urban/Downtown Session…I hope you all had 1/2 the fun I had this evening.  I promise there are so many great great images, I am so excited to have been able to create these memories for you.

OK, so what’re you waiting for?  SCROLL DOWN and see your sneak peeks!



Family - NOT in the air :)


’til we meet again, which by my estimates will be, oh…sometime this time tomorrow! LOL



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  • melissa reddy - September 11, 2007 - 5:38 am

    Can I tell you without you thinking that I am crazy that Sunday night I had the most restless sleep (due to this humungous buddha belly) but during the little bit of shut eye that I did get, I dreamt about our photo session? And it gets more bizaar…at 3:45 am, yes, 3:45 IN THE MORNING, when I couldn’t get back to sleep I decided to check your blog to see if our sneak peek had been posted. When I saw our pictures there I definitely couldn’t go back to sleep!
    Oh yes, and when I went back to bed I had to wake Mark to let him know the pictures were up…he must have been excited too because the only thing that gets him up in the middle of the night is the bathroom! His response was, “wow…” I guess he was pretty speechless too.
    I wanted to comment yesterday…not to sound dramatic (although I am all drama!) but the words just wouldn’t come. I know it was only three pictures but Marianne…you captured my beautiful little boys spirit. I mean truly. Whan I look at that second picture of him hanging on the bar, for anyone who knows my little boy, it is all there. ALL BOY…sweet, playful, silly, strong (willed), adventursome and fearless…all boy. Who ever said a picture says a thousand words had YOU in mind.
    I must have pulled the site up at least 15 times yesterday (and I don’t even have internet at my desk at work…I had to walk to the break room!!!) I called everyone I knew who appreciates great photography, like I do. Mark was like a peacock with his feathers spread as well…showing everyone at work.
    All this to say…I am so, so happy we made the trek out there. These pictures were a great way to document our family “in transition” but also before Egya has to give up the spotlight…or at least make a little room under the sun for his baby brother. It was his time to shine and I absolutely can not wait to see the rest of the images…the next two weeks will be painful. (But you will have a lot of hits on your website in the meantime 😛 ) You have a gift…thank you for sharing it with our family! I’m already thinking about the other great milestones in our future I would like you to be a part of…


Ugh!  My email contact form on the sites is acting wonky. I had contacted my web designers two weeks ago and WE THOUGHT the issue was fixed.

It wasn’t.  🙂

So to that end, if you are a client or have an inquiry in to the system, I may NOT have received it.  I apologize profusely, this has been an eternal struggle (er, it feels like it) for a few months now.  Give me a buzz at 815.603.8450 and we’ll get it all taken care of.

Have I mentioned I have been frustrated?

xoxo, Mare

p.s. On a lighter note, LOTS of activity on the blog this upcoming week, I promise you’ll have tons to sneak peek!

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Goodness. I’ve been tagged (thrice). Once by Joyce Smith, once by Season Moore and another time by Angela Calderon (um Angela, you SAID you was going to tag me…wha happened?  LOL). Thanks guys! I don’t think I can come up with 24 other photogs names to tag (you have to do 8 factoids about yourself and tag another 8 photographers in this game), since I am tagged 3x that would equal 24…I don’t think so! I’m limiting it to eight. Karma in the chain letter sense better not bring me bad luck!
Eight quirky facts about Marmalade, you know, that children’s photographer in the Chicago area that gets all artsy, gets to play and be fun and on occasion puts her clients in the Q&A seat? Well it’s my turn to dish random stuff about me.

1. I used to love to write (still do but I am so rusty now). In fact a goal of mine before photography became a beyond full time venture for me was to complete Nanowrimo. If you ever wanted to write a novel, November is your month! It’s a cool goal to have, check out the Nanowrimo forums, they are quite funny, people sketching out ideas months in advance. Nanowrimo takes place in November so get ready to accomplish a personal goal and write a novel, IN A MONTH! Too fun.

2. I also never used to be a runner and then a few years ago started running as a full time passion. I sort of threw myself into it, once I got my awesome shoes (NB 1221) I was able to run a mile, then 2, then THREE and I almost got to magic number four!! Presently I am deconditioned (I sprained my ankle badly doing a trail run 2 years ago) and it’s all fallen by the wayside. I’m writing this out, putting it out to the universe to indicate that I want to get serious about it again. I loved running, once my body got adjusted, and miss it terribly. So there. Even if you aren’t a runner you can become one. There’s an awesome Couch to 5k program that coolrunning.com outlines for you. Click here to access it, it’ll help you get off the couch and on the trails in no time (and it’s time for me to go print that up for myself as well. Time to get off the office chair!)

3. I have double jointed fingers on both hands. It is a funky thing, most definitely but not as funky as the cool shoulder blade trick that I got to witness by one of my clients over the weekend! THAT was creepy cool! I can’t even describe to you the {{shudder}} factor in that feat. I’ve never seen shoulder blades do that before!

4. (this is more widely known than I care to admit) I have a full section in my closet devoted to hand bags. Coach, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole and soon a Vivienne Westwood.

5. I used to only wear cheap sunglasses because, well, I’d lose them (because that’s what I do…lose cheap sunglasses!) So for my 36th bday last November my DH got me a fabulous pair of sunglasses that I’d been eyeballing (ha! get it?) for months…well…(knock on wood) I haven’t lost those yet. I don’t want to! I went shopping around for them to see if I could get them for less somewhere else before I was surprised with them, I could NOT find them anywhere–and I LOOKED everywhere. So, if you see some really cool tortoise shell Prada sunglasses with stars along the side of them…just send them back my way because, chances are, I finally lost them (honestly that wouldn’t surprise anyone if I did lose them, I’m telling you…as I get older I start losing more and more stuff!). And losing those would hurt, I puffy hart them so.

6. Diet Dr. Pepper is a religion to me. Enough said. I get cranky if I don’t have at least one a day. It’s a true addiction.

7. Before I became a nurse (way before I took photography on as a career vs. hobby), I took a few years off of the school scene to regroup and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I meant to go to school to become a physical therapist but worked at a major insurance company for a year and a half doing health claims (gosh, I really really hated that gig!) and never did go away to school to become a PT. Do I regret not going to PT school? Nah…I loved nursing and still would consider doing it if I could subtract the politics and B.S. out of the equation (how I’d have the time now, I’d never know). I swear, nurses are becoming sparse and part of it really has to do with the B.S. and politics. Take those out and I am certain people who had done nursing in their former lives would flock back to it. I truly miss patient care on some level.

8. My kids are chronically late and I think it has to do with my not being a morning person. Seriously, I am so not a morning person…it’s really a crime. I got a phone call from the principal yesterday at my younger daughters’ school chastizing me for sending her to the bus stop with a waffle in hand (that she took on board the bus with her because I forgot to grab it as she got onboard). Eggo waffles are a sort of religion in the a.m. here (all my crunchy granola friends are shuddering right now, I know it. Go ahead, shudder!). It’s an in joke here that I’m a horrid mom, you know, sending her kids to the bus stop with a waffle.

Did I mention I am not a morning person? Because I was not exaggerating.

My eight tagged photogs are….(drumroll please)

Stacy Wasmuth

Cindy Bizal

Jen Weintraub

Lauri Baker

Sylvia Laughrin

Melissa Mullinax

Nichole Van

Marta Potoczek (giving some love back to the homeland! going all international on you folks)

And now, a recent session image because you know it’s against the rules for a photographer to post a blog entry without some sort of visual stimulation!

Sylvia’s Kid and the Infamous Free Chair


Finally…some updates. Both the 9/11 and 9/13 sessions of the Holiday 2007 Limited Editions have 2 morning slots open. Things are rushing off to a close as the Limited sessions happen next week. It really does look like I will not be repeating these again for this year, so this is your 2 minute warning. These cards were really quite the buzz last year amongst my clients’ circle of friends. I had people emailing me months afterwards saying the awesomeness of their cards trumped everyone elses’ homemade variations! Investment-wise this is an amazing opportunity to experience the custom photography experience, it truly is! My past clients are chatting big time about this fabulous way to get some Marmalade Love! 🙂 Give us a buzz today 815.603.8450 to set up your own Holiday 2007 Limited Edition Session with the Marm.


Thanks for stopping in. ‘Til we meet again.


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  • Joyce Smith - September 6, 2007 - 6:16 am

    Love your random facts, you witty thing you. 😉 Off to buy some magic running shoes . . .

  • Amanda K - September 6, 2007 - 6:31 pm

    OKay I saw ‘nanowrimo’ and was like… whatwhatwhat and had to make sure I was on the right blog LOL. I had no idea 😉 I’ve done nano every year for the past umm… well, lots. I think since 2001 hehehe. Not this year tho.

    I think it’s funny you’re not a morning person. If my DH wasn’t home until midday most days, my poor kids would probably be off to school in their pajamas!

  • Marianne - September 10, 2007 - 8:12 pm

    dudes something is so wrong with my comment thingy on this blog. i just saw these today.

    joyce, i am so random, it’s not funny!

    and yeah amanda, totally wanted to do that crazy writing thing. I think I have a tendency to be way overword-y tho, it is so much worse now because I don’t practice writing like I used to (if that makes sense). 🙂

One of my passions is…paper! (who knew?) Our recent session with Denises’ little girl, K uncovered some interesting information about Denise…she’s a paperholic as well! Who better to explore the world of stationary than a fellow paperphile…(however to be honest, I think Denise beats me hands down! You should see the stationary that her toddler possesses! It’s truly enviable!)

Without further adieu…welcome to our Q&A with Denise (and some images from the session with K). Thanks Denise!


Is paper a passion or just a hobby for you? Do you remember the moment in which the realization of “wow, I love this paper stuff” came into being for you?

Wow, hard question… More than a hobby and less than an obsession. Does that answer it?? (And) at the risk of looking like a total geek, I was 16. Yes, should have been into boys and clothing…. I was working in a department store Notions department [did I just date myself??] and they transferred me to Stationary. I was hooked immediately. Started with just holiday cards and then went from there… in fact I stopped working there in college and just used up my last purchase recently.

Do you have a favorite paper type? Paper source?

Nope (paper type)… Many (paper sources). Will list below.

Do you scrapbook?

DLP: I wish I had the time. Have explored digital scrapbooking and think I may be able to do that. Archivers has some lovely paper though… �

Your daughter, Miss K had the most adorable stationary that you mailed me a thank you note on (btw THANK YOU for the thank you!!), Do you mind sharing WHERE you bought such great girly girl stationary?

DLP: Aw thanks. One of my 1st purchases after she was born was stationary. That one came from Merrimade – also love Neiman Marcus, Exposures [great frames and albums there too] and OF COURSE Crane. Papyrus in Oakbrook and Woodfield is a wonderful source of good stuff too.

You ordered a large canvas of your gorgeous daughter; are you happy with the image quality and reproduction on such a large piece?

DLP: We LOVE it. It is being framed now and I can’t wait to get it on the wall. The level of detail is amazing – right down to a bug – which the framer thought was REAL. Why did you order that image large vs. any others from your session? DLP: We were looking for a image to go into a space on our walls that has been open for 3 years. It needed something BIG and special. This is perfect for it. In this age of digital, I can ‘do’ smaller images myself sometimes – we looked to your eye to capture something that would warrant BIG.

the door

Do you feel that there was an appropriate capture of Miss K at this time in her life by Marmalade Photography?

DLP: Yes. Even though I know she was a very challenging subject…. I think her spirit is visible in all the images. If I won the lottery, I’d have bought them all.

Lovely Ladies

Busy Girl

All In White


On a related side note, I think Denise spends a great deal of time trying to figure out WHAT sort of Holiday Card she’ll be sending to friends & family each year. This year, Denise is opting to send a 4×6 print of this from K’s session. It’s lovely, printed with a small white border around is the absolute perfect add on for Holiday Cards this year…not sure if we mentioned it but K was a (very) busy girl, reminding me oh so much of my first child 😉 I honestly think Denise was thinking: “got a good shot, let’s roll with it!” this year. Goodness knows the Holiday Card battle for THE shot hasn’t even happened here, I’m a bit envious that Denise is done with that already!!

Holiday 2007



Thanks for stopping by and hanging out for a bit. ‘Til we meet again!


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