First off, this is a few days coming: a big congrats to Courtney who won the 80’s TV trivia contest for a $30 iTunes virtual gift card!  She got ALL the answers right to the Marmalade Birfday Trivia Extravaganza (ok, so it was just a contest but I need to hype it a bit).

The answers were:

1. What was Reverend Jims real last name on TAXI?

2. What was the name of Arnold’s fish on Different Strokes?

3. Who shot J.R. Ewing?
Sue Ellen’s sister, Kristin

4. Who palyed Mork from Ork’s son?
Jonathan Winters

5. Can you name the 5 original MTV VJ’s?                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Martha Quinn, J.J. Jackson, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Nina Blackwood

 6. On Three’s Company, what city did the trio live in?
Santa Monica

Yesterday we had our first taste of real snow falling on the ground here in the Midwest.  My girls went outside to play and I had to haul all the snowstuff / snow wardrobe out from the top shelf of the coat closet in our mud room.  There has got to be a better way of organizing, I tell you, I’m about to go all Henry David Thoreau on the people in this house (well minus the tuberculosis infection).  Simplify simplify simplify.  I so want to do this–funny that it coincides with boxes upon boxes being present in my living & dining rooms for client images.  Funny how I get this urge during the busiest time of the year RIGHT before our home gets inundated with boxes from Santa and well meaning family.

Speaking of Santa—we got to see him on Saturday night!  The girls were so excited, he appeared in the Holiday parade put on by the downtown merchants’ association of Wilmington.  I love seeing all the storefronts lit up with twinkle lights, the street lights with the lit up wreaths.  The parade was a blast and we stuck around all day to see the crowds milling about the downtown area near the Marmalade Studio.  I was sorry I missed out on the afternoon tea at the local bed & breakfast.  I feel bad because I forgot my brand spanking new point & shoot camera that I bought myself for my birthday (a Canon Powershot A570 IS for anyone who is interested (the Amazon link is a full $20 less than I paid.  Darn it.)  I liked it because when it comes time to hand down to my 7 year old I won’t feel horrid that I’m handing down an uberexpensive camera but one that was reasonably priced and that comes with loads of features…I’m really impressed with this little thing and am busily annoying the heck out of my family snapping photos without worry about hauling out the “big guns”).  Of course I bought the new camera to put in my hand bag, um, yeah, didn’t work out for me on Saturday as the camera sat in my office at home gathering dust!  LOL.  Nonetheless it feels good to be back amongst the land of those who snap for the pure pleasure of taking photos.  Perhaps now I can start documenting our lives again (like I did before the business took over my mindset).

Lastly, may she rest in peace.  Our cat, Twin(kie)…one of our very first babies, passed away on Saturday.  We came home from the festivities to find that her sweet life has come to pass.  We are in a state of grieving here at the Marmalade home.  The girls and I wrote little letters and took an old snapshot of her and put her to rest in our backyard yesterday morning.  It was very sad…the girls and I are having a tough time grieving.  She was a sweet sweet soul who spent much of her life purring away, even towards the end she was just an armful of purrs and love.  We loved you sweet girl, we hope the afterlife is filled with lots of Pounce treats and feathers on sticks to bat at.

To that end…thank you for stopping in.  It’s a post with no images, I don’t want to muddy the waters here with grieving and happy shots of families frolicking in Marmaland.  Peace, love and joy to your family during the wind up of the holiday season.

‘Til next time,

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - November 26, 2007 - 7:11 am

    I am sorry to hear of your loss.. its funny how our pets become such a huge and important part of our lives and how much thier absence is noticed.. So my thoughts go out to you and your girls today.. its sounds as though she was very loved.. and gave much love in return and thats what counts… the love..

    I know what you mean about the snow gear.. I am always never ready when we get snow and while we may only get a dusting my kdis want to go play in it in full gear.. takes me forever to find everything help them all get into it all and they go outside for 4 minutes get wet and want to come in because they are wet and cold and then I have more stuff to wash.. ( like I dont have enough as it is ) and put away.. not to mention helping to get all the stuff off them.. I stil wonder why I live in a state that has snow.. I dislike winter immensly.. except for the few times we get that heavy wet snow that sticks to all the trees leaving it a winter wonderland.. but I digress.. Hang in there.. my thoughts are with you


  • Denise - November 26, 2007 - 11:41 am

    Sorry about your little furry one! I hope she is doing all the things she loved now.

  • Marmalord - December 16, 2007 - 4:45 pm

    Families frolicking in Marmaland.

    Enough of this – it is tooooooo much!

To celebrate my becoming another year older I am going to give away a $30 gift card to iTunes!! Music courtesy of Marmalade. All you have to do is answer a few trivia questions and email to

The winner will receive a virtual gift certificate to iTunes. I’ll be doing this in trivia form, very appropriately 80’s themed TV trivia.

If there is a tie I will then draw a name out of a hat! So please, enter, enjoy. Have fun reliving the 80’s in TV pop culture.

…and Happy Birthday Me!

1. What was Reverend Jims’ real last name on TAXI (all these years I thought it was something else)?

2. What was the name of Arnold’s fish on Different Strokes?

3. Who actually shot J.R. Ewing?

4. What actor played Mork from Ork’s son?

5. Can you name the 5 original MTV VJ’s?

6. On Three’s Company, what city did the trio live in?

xoxo, Mare

p.s. because I cannot leave without posting an image…from a session back a few years ago, some of you may remember this image from 2 years ago:

S & L Hugs



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  • Elizabeth Pellette - November 21, 2007 - 3:32 pm

    WHen is your birthday???? I am not going to even bother to guess at those answers cause 1. I really dont know the answers and 2. I dont have an ipod anyway.. (yep you read that right ) Have a great birthday and Oh. Happy Thanksgiving too

  • Mare - November 21, 2007 - 11:29 pm

    today actually. thank you. happy t-giving day to you too! (and anyone else!)

  • Stacy Berry - November 25, 2007 - 6:53 pm

    Hi i was wanting to know what kind of actions you use on your pictures or if you use any at all. I am a true admirer of your work. Thank you for your time!

    Stacy Berry

  • Joyce Smith - November 25, 2007 - 9:35 pm

    A very belated happy birthday to you!! 🙂

today is a day of crazy busy-ness and I have been tempted to do some procrastination here on the blog. here are some unseen by the readers of the blog highlights of recent sessions! thanks for stopping in…

pretty on the wall

old angled willow tree

cool boys on the door

family on the sofa

thoughts of sugarplums dancing in her head…

handsome profile

aren’t they adorable?

hands down favorite of mine

two dudes

family by the tracks

sweet sweet baby boy

lend a leaf to me, will ya?

dancing with daddy

dogs *are* funny


barefoot baby (and proud of it)

pretty pretty



Be on the look out because tomorrow is the big 3-7 for you-know-who. Remember…I’m going to give a gift away for MY birthday to some lucky reader!

xoxo, Mare

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…last session for 2007! Yes, I am excited because it truly ended on a high note.

I want to thank Maryfran and Michael for having me out to Winnetka today to photograph their three gorgeous kids. And I’m not kidding you…gorgeous kids is not an understatement. To boot their family was beyond gracious, sweet and fun. I adored meeting them (finally) and a big thank you to KC’s mom for the referral. So to M, J and N…thank you for being such great sports and hanging out with me while I played the role of photographer… I had a blast getting to know all of you.

Scroll down for sneak peeks.

a pool balancing act :)


good looking

(insert beautiful title here)

Thanks for stopping in.

In the coming weeks: featured images from sessions, Client Q&A (finally) with Francesca, the Holiday 2007 Year End slideshow will premiere and much more. Plus, my birthday is this week, stay tuned for something cool to commemorate my being a year older (and hopefully a tad wiser!)

xoxo, Mare

p.s. TOLD YOU ALL I love November light. It might be right up there with September & May in my book.


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  • Annette - November 19, 2007 - 1:43 pm

    Simply beautiful!!!

  • waynette - November 25, 2007 - 8:26 pm

    looks like this was a great session and great location to boot too! Good for you and your client!

…on a crisp autumn day

This morning I photographed K & J’s family once again, little M is getting to be SO big, I honestly cannot believe it is the same guy!! I have said it before and here I am repeating myself, the children I photograph are perpetually frozen in time for me until our next session. Sometimes I wish life was like that, the ability to pause time where it is and just enjoy the moments–sort of a TiVo for life (on a sidenote, man I love TiVo). Well, anyway, I guess there is such a thing, it’s called photographs!! Ha, I am the master time pauser, the TiVo Master (except you know, like with a camera). I love that job.

Anyway…we had a session filled with exploring, revisiting favorite spots and seeing some new scenery. I fell in love with some of the old brick structures in their Lakeview neighborhood (and may I put a plea out for more parking? LOL. Saturdays are the worst day for parking in the neighborhoods of Chicago). It was a true pleasure seeing K, J and M again…I love photographing their family. They are always so kind and most of all photogenic!!

…sneak peeks below:

Little Crawler



Fall Family (don’t you love the matching camel?)

Thanks for stopping in & visiting.

xoxo, Mare

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  • renee - December 3, 2007 - 10:26 am

    how do you get such great colors indoors. what kind of lens, settings and camera do you use. thanks. pics are great as usual.