Today is a day of downtime for me but some corrections are in order for those who may have received the wrong newsletter sent in email on Friday the 21st. Before I proceed, once again there are some session times/dates available still to guarantee Holiday delivery and to capture your children and families in the spectacular color abounding world of October!! Give me a call to set a session up or to answer any q’s you may have! 815.603.8450

First, corrections. One of my emails contained what was supposed to be the newest newsletter for Fall 2007; I inadvertently sent some of my newsletter recipients the fall’s/winter’s edition for 2006. You may find the newest copy of my newsletter for Fall 2007 here. My apologies for the mix up, I’ve sort of been distracted with a bunch of things this past week. 🙂 Once again the links are not working appropriately in the pdf form of the newsletter…I need to find a fix for that. Most of the items there are easy enough to find, if you would like the list of links, pop me off an email or phone call and I’ll be happy to send the links that were should have been in the newsletter.

Second, shopping!! I love shopping (but y’all already know that). The focus is…my fave of all holidays…HALLOWEEN! I have a few sites to check out for the upcoming Halloween Holiday!!

Halloween Costume Express My oldest child LOVES looking at catalogs and when the catalog arrived in the mail from Costume Express she was in heaven!! Check out the adorable pink poodle costume or red riding hood costume for girls. For boys (once again with the pirates), their pirate costumes can’t be beat (check out the skull candy pail)! Also, I am especially loving the race car driver costume for little guys (my pal Lucas would LOVE this!!) Be sure to enjoy this time in their lives when they don’t care about WHAT character they want to be (my oldest insists on wanting to be Sharpay from HSM2. Bleh.)

For creepy home decor, you really cannot go wrong with The Fright Catalog. They have a nice selection of gargoyles (that I love) and headstones and haunted characters (if you like medieval knights in armor you may appreciate this.

Also, after having made a trip there with the kids several days ago, I rediscovered that my local KMart has fantastic fantastic creepy decor (and some cutesy stuff that may appeal to the younger set). I love this skeleton in a cage (Michael’s also has some really great skeletons in a cage as well). KMart also has this really cool hanging (not motion detecting, sounding) hanging ghost skeleton made with cheesecloth. Yeah, one could argue that you could make it yourself and it might be just a bit less expensive to do so but for $29.99 do you even want to take the trouble to do so? Also, I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate raven’s into my decor this year and at $7.99 (must be in brick & mortar store only, can’t find a link) I can play total Martha Stewart (her decorating team for Halloween seem to love that pesky black bird!). I do believe KMart needs a cosmetic overhaul to compete with Target however it is by far the best discount store for decor for holidays. I never seem to NOT find something I love there around this time of year (and for the winter holidays as well).

For party ideas…I absolutely adore Birthday Party Ideas dot com. It takes some searching, without a doubt, but it is a wonderful resource for all sorts of party ideas from “on the cheap” to all out budget. This site has been a valuable resource for me over the years.

Thanks for stopping in and, oh, I can’t leave without leaving an image from a recent session. Since the theme is Halloween I had to dig to a recent session highlighting a subject dressed for the occasion. Who better than to showcase my pal M who was all geared up for the holiday an almost full 2 months early!! This is also an appetizer for Darla who is having to wait a few more days for her gallery to go live. 🙂 I hope this helps pass the time, Darla!!

Fighting Fires & Looking Adorable

Til next time!

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - September 23, 2007 - 7:57 am

    OK.. can I just say I LOVE your newsletter.. thats so cool.. I didnt know you had one.. what a great idea.

  • Darla - September 27, 2007 - 8:21 pm

    Thanks for the appetizer Mare! I just love my little fireman. Oddly enough, he wants to be a doctor for Halloween. Could have bet on the boots and red hat and lost. Btw, just saw the slideshow and I am in love! You are amazing!!!!!

I once knew this girl. She was funny, goofy, silly and a great friend.  Somehow, over the years (and probably due to stupid teen stuff) we lost touch. However I had always had a soft spot for this girl, one of my BFFs from HS ;).

Fast forward, oh about 18 or so years ahead (just 2 months or so ago) and I get an email asking for information for family sessions. Immediately I recognized the last name and emailed back. Turns out one of my best friends (forever!) from high school had found me through the Cavalcade of Homes display in Plainfield back from 2006 and kept the card to set up a session. She had no clue it was me!! (time to cue “It’s a Small World”).

That girl from HS grew up to have 3 gorgeous boys of her own. Wow. Seriously I’ve been feeling it lately but where oh where did time fly?

It was terrific fun to meet up with and her fun family…Mike her husband and her three boys J, M & A (or is it J, A, M or is it M, J, A or is it A, J, M :D). Mike, it was a pleasure talking shop with you, seriously going to pick your brain someday soon.

So please allow me to present some images from tonight’s Marmalade Urban Studio session. We had a blast, the light was perfection (this time of year is steadily perfect for light in the late afternoon) and the company was wonderful. Thanks so much for coming out to ‘play’.

Oh, and Julie, I finally figured out measurements for my mom’s crepe recipe! Ha.

See, Hear, Speak, er sorta, No Evil

handsome #1

Handsome #2

Handsome #3

All in the Family


Thanks for stopping by. Til next time!!

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - September 21, 2007 - 7:16 pm

    I really like these.. alot.. what a lovely family and how fun to reconnect like that

  • Jim Danforth - October 8, 2007 - 2:50 pm

    I am Julie’s father. I remember Maryanne from her visits to our home in her HS years. She always was a lovely young lady, mature for her age and yet so outgoing and quick-witted. I’m glad to see her work in the pictures of our daughter, son in law, and grandkids. These pictures are wonderful. What an ARTIST she is. I hope she enters photography contests; I expect some wins. I’m just blown away by her talent, not only with my family but other pics on her site as well.

for being mostly awesome and emailing to check in on my mother in law (who I had briefly mentioned in passing to a client and she went out of her way to call to wish us good health today. Thanks E!). For those who may not be in the know, my mother in law is temporarily out of commission as she has just undergone hip surgery earlier today. Life will be slightly MORE chaotic as she has been my go to person for some of the finer points of the finish up process in the business, mostly working on album assembly for me. She’s a great great lady and I hope that recovery goes well for her.   She is always commenting on how cuteness factor of all the kids I am lucky enough to photograph and is just such a great lady that I hope the next few months go quickly for her.

On a more business-y note, if I owe you a call or email I promise tomorrow (Thursday) is the day I’ll get back.  Today I was mostly away from the business to attend to personal matters.

I do want to leave some of my very patient clients (namely the H family) a quick better peek into their session. If you may recall I traveled out of state for this session, had a blast meeting this wonderfully warm family and had a great time meeting & photographing the kids (probably too much fun judging by the goofy things I had these kids do!!). I’m almost done editing but it still may be a day or two before it’s all done. Here are some sneaker peeks!

Baby Boxwood

Birdhouse + Boy = Fantastic


Modified Canonball (sorta)

Unwilling Participants (if you can believe that…)


Newsletter is coming out this week (it’s done, I just need a few moments to send out). Other tidbits as a reminder, last booked session to guarantee Holiday delivery is November 11. Booking is taking place for what dates remain in October and November. If you’re interested in setting up a session please give me a call.

Thanks for stopping in, til we meet again!

xoxo, Mare


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Last date for guaranteed Holiday delivery for 2007 sessions is November 11.  Prints for gifts, holiday cards, etc. from sessions booked after this date will not be guaranteed for Holiday delivery.  Fall is traditionally an extraordinarily busy time of year for Marmalade Photography, exceptions cannot be made for the guarantee of delivery.

There are still several convenient weekend session slots for your booking appointment.  As you may already know, October is a fantastic time to commission a family portrait with your family, all too often we neglect to take the time to capture moments with our children while they are still young (I know, I was guilty of this for the longest time!).  With the colors of the leaves changing and falling during this time of wonderful sweater weather, some of my most favorite moments have been during October photography sessions.

I also have a link for discussion on choosing a professional photographer for you and your family.  Family portraits are an important part of a family history and should adequately reflect a family as they really are, being who they are, having fun and capturing the moments of your relationships and bond.  Please take a look here for some tips to help you choose a photographer.

Here are a few highlights from recent sessions…this time of year, the in between season, is just awesome in terms of light and mood and let’s not forget temperature.  Enjoy!

Sun Kissed


Lovely Ladies

Looking Back For Just a Moment

Sweet Bunny

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  • Elizabeth - September 18, 2007 - 1:06 pm

    I love these espically the mom and girls shot.

Wrapping up the ole Limited Edition Sessions for the month. I love love loved my day today! Each and every one of these kids made me smile and giggle. I hope they all had as much fun as I did.

Thanks to all the great moms who came out today for the Limited Edition Sessions, the drives from the North Side of Chicago, from Highland Park and from Downers Grove are very much appreciated. I think you will be very happy with our 20 minutes together! For my regular blog readers there are some familiar faces here (and some new ones to boot).

Thanks for stopping in and peeking in. Feel free to leave a comment or two. 🙂

Pony Girl

Ready for Cool Weather Boy

Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m Adorable


Not So “Ugly Face” ;)

Until next time!



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  • Elizabeth - September 16, 2007 - 5:25 pm

    These are gorgeous