Guess Who…

…is a big brother?

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with C again and this time it was to finally meet the new girl in town!   E (who is just so so beautiful and quiet!  Two wonderful attributes to have in a new baby) and the other love of his life, Ruby the dog.  LOVED Ruby, she was like the best behaved dog ever!

A big thanks to Candace who had me out to their home on the North Side of the city this morning for E’s newborn session.  I so enjoy new families, new babies, new additions and old clients (who are still sorta new clients…)  Candace, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this time in your lives and allowing me to see the new beginning of E’s life with your family.

Sneak peek it below!!


Dog’s Eye View of Family

A Little Color

I must mention the smell of new highway is fresh in my mind.  They finally finished the southbound extension of I-355 and I took it home for a nice change of pace.  Smooth, sweet and wide are the only three words that could describe the new space.  LOVE options for going home (altho it is a bit out of the way).  And more newness, I just got the new Silverchair (remember them when they were like 17 y/o in the 90’s during the Grunge-y years?) album and got to listen to it without children interrupting me or cell phone calls all the way home.  Sweet.  A day of NEWs is what the title of this entry should’ve been.  🙂

 Thanks for stopping in.

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - November 15, 2007 - 7:38 pm

    what a great session.. I love every shot

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