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This was an early wake up a.m., I had started editing the backlog of sessions I seem to be encountering at the present time and thought to myself, SHOP? Oh yes! Shop!! So I started entering random searches….an online friend of mine has recently opened a studio in North Carolina and she showed off parts of it to this large group of friends, her kids room was way adorable and I got inspired to shop for the playroom in my studio because let’s face it, as much as I love vintage, I do love modern just the same (my home office is a nice mix of modern where as my studio seems to lean towards vintage funky so…I straddle both worlds these days) and in my vision for the studio I had always wanted vintage + modern.

This a.m. I started on a quest to find the perfect mix of modern for the playroom in studio. Granted, I need pieces that I could use in photography situations so this gets complicated. In my quest I found a ton of cool shopping resources for my blog readers, some home related, some to accessorize your little darling with…all of which I want to share with you.

Modern Seed: AWESOME site. Go and check out the Eames® Hang It All® a cool take on the utilitarian nature of coat/hat hooks. So fresh & funky!

And umbrellas (now recall please that I’m a bit pirate obsessed this year…) check out this find by Paul Frankâ„¢! Adorable…a must have for pirates everywhere!! I love the polka dots as well. The boots made me smile when I saw them, I could totally see a kid decked out in this get up for a splashy sort of rain session. Oh, and could you imagine these with a girly frou frou sort of tutu?



This one isn’t for the bargain hunters in us (altho, The C Family dug a similar find up and redid the chair themselves!), the Eames Chairâ„¢ is a modern classic. I was lucky enough to photograph the C kids “lounging” in their neighborhood, doing some chillaxing while sitting in this icon of post modern design:



Lounging in the Eamesâ„¢

Lastly for Modern Seed, check out their sales! I love the quirky clothing on clearance. Small Paulâ„¢ (seriously, who doesn’t love Paul Frank? I have an obsession with the freaky monkey, got some kick butt fuzzy slippers in Andersonville awhile back…) has an amazing selection for the under 4T set as does Paulina Quintana (love that polo dress, wish I had little ones left to outfit!)


Design Public is another cool little modern find!


These little poofs made by zid zid kid are simple and fun. What kid wouldn’t appreciate seating of their very own?


I’ve noticed a recent design trend with some of my clientele and love the latest rage of modern crib designs. This crib sheet set would be perfection for the modern nursery, love the subdued yet brightly hued colors and the simple design. This one screams I AM A GIRL AND I AM PROUD (who doesn’t love pink? Also check out the pink painted brick behind the set.)

For even more Dwell Baby, I think this burp cloth/bib set would make a stylish baby shower gift. Cowboys, cowgirls, brocade, dots, how could you even decide on one style for the gift. I’d have to get them all, they are fetching.

More room design, ROMP has amazing things. Look at the wallpaper trees (the birdhouse is a great touch):


And it’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays. Look @ the wooden rainbow imported from Germany. What a great imaginative toy.

And from Poland, the lacing mouse/cheese toy. What a great way to improve dexterity.

A really interesting wooden music box (Germany).

The Japanese Pinhole Camera (I had one similar to this when I was a kid), this one uses 35 mm film (thank goodness it’s still readily available!). Great for learning the basic science of photography, pinhole cameras are amazing for creating moody works of photographic art. Neat toy (for adults as much as for children).

Ok, now this one isn’t necessarily kid related but in my search I found this really great sofa, I mean, it’s totally modern and probably not suitable for most of us but you’d be hard pressed to not be impressed by its’ frivolous design.

Plushpod does have some neat kids’ designs as well as really ‘spensive nice modern sofas. I like this doughnut inspired chalkboard table

I also dig the capsule kid chair Hey mom! Look, storage within!

Well I think that’s about it, back to the editing world of Marmalade Photography. Thanks for stopping in and shopping cyberly with us!

xoxo, Mare

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