really quick sneak peek

…because I could NOT wait until later to take a look at this session!!

Sarah brought the most adorable little girl today, her daughter R and what else did she bring? a wonderful raspberry pink Kaiya Eve tutu! I was in love I tell you. Nevermind that R had the most awesome clothes, she also has a really cool mom. Sarah, thank you so much for bringing out R today for a nice afternoon amongst the white flowers and fall colors (what we have of them anyway). I had a fun time getting to know you and R and I promise there are going to be plenty of tutu shots to make you happy!!  Thanks to Sarah and R for making the drive from Hickory Hills.

So what are you reading this for? Scroll down for your sneak!

Tutu Sweetness


More Girly Girlness!


Thanks for stopping in and checking in!

xoxo, Mare


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  • Elizabeth - October 11, 2007 - 5:27 am

    OH my .. I Love the way that pink tutu really pops in the shot.. what a sweetie

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