Perfect Light Forest Session

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful family who came out for a Forest Session from Orland Park. I enjoyed meeting them, the twins J&S and their parents, Dan and Stephanie, were so sweet and a pleasure to work with. I had a blast capturing for them their family life at this stage. Stephanie had remarked to me that she had wished she hadn’t waited so long to get good family images and although I see her point I applaud her for knowing that there is no better time than now. She and Dan are raising two incredible kids and I’m sure they even can’t believe how much time has passed from babyhood to this almost teens period. Yikes, it does go so fast! (If I stop and think, it’s amazing that the time moves at such a fast pace (when mine were littler I couldn’t wait until bedtimes but so many bedtimes have passed and now I almost long for that time to be again, alas, it can never be so…)) Capturing today will be more important tomorrow than you will ever know.

A big thank you to this fantastic family. I hope you all had a good time. Here’s a bit of a sneak peek of two of the most awesome 11 year olds I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and one of the whole family.


Twins Take II



Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - October 9, 2007 - 8:52 am

    Yep that is the perfect light..

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