News & September Availability

First things first. I had a great time on Monday at the seminar I attended. Lots of information for me to process…good stuff and some fabulous ideas coming your way!

Regarding September availability: there are two session times available for September, both are Marmalade Location or Urban Sessions (I do only a limited number of On Location shoots per month). If you are interested in booking a Marmalade Location or Urban Studio session for September, now is the time to do so. October bookings are also being taken at this time.

Of course we still have a couple (really, just two on each day!) session times available for our Limited Edition Sessions taking place on Sept. 11 & 13 at our studio. The Limited Edition Session is an awesome way to get cards and updated photographs for gifts. Many of our current clients have booked the Limited Edition Sessions for just this reason. An excellent way to increase your Marmalade Photography photo collection or start your very own Marmalade Photographic Art collection of your children!! 🙂

My first session of September…I am so excited…I am traveling out of state to photograph a fantastic family!! I cannot wait to meet all of them (and meet up with a friend or two along the way!!) Keep a look out for a sneak peek of Interstate Marmalade coming up very soon!

Here an image of a recent session favorite (because I can’t post without posting a photo…). I just absolutely adore this shot…THIS time in a baby’s life goes all too quick in my opinion. Enjoy it if you have a little one that is foot obsessed

Got My Toes!

Thanks for stopping by! ‘Til next time…

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