Fortune Cookies…Good Things…E & Her Family…and other stuff too

-Great things will happen to you in the next three months

-Something that has to do with music will greatly affect your career


Saturday night we ate at my favorite Chinese joint, Dragon Light (oh my gosh, there seriously does not exist better Chinese, of this I am convinced) and my fortune cookie housed not one but TWO fortunes. Both were very awesome and really made my night.

Not having any idea what the music thing would be (altho I seriously doubt Trent Reznor or that The Killers will be needing a photographer for their next album cover and will be knocking on my door anytime soon…). The first fortune makes me have hope in the universe.  Re: fortunes, I don’t recall ever getting two in one before. Mark your calendars, folks!!  I predict that my end of November blog entries will have to have some awesome news…I mean, we wouldn’t want to call the fortune cookie manufacturer that supplies cookies for the bestest Chinese restaurant ever to be caught lying…would we?


On to business time (every time I say that and giggle in thought of Flight of the Conchords). Tomorrow, Monday the 27th I will be in the city and unavailable all day for any phone calls or issues. I am attending a seminar in the city that I am very very excited about so lots of learning (hopefully) will be going on starting 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Now…let me just say that it is an absolute pleasure to see my previous clients a year or so after their first sessions and watch these beautiful kids grow. I have been so lucky/fortunate/happy to say that the number of clients that have repeat Marmalized this year makes me giddy and proud that I have done what I set out to do, create beautiful portrait art for children and their families year after year after year.


Sneak Peek Time!!  You may remember Miss E from the front page of my HTML site. Look at how this girly has grown!! Curly hair, fun attitude and a bit of the fashionista (especially with her preference for pearls and maribou trimmed pearl studded crowns!) and still one of the luckiest girls in the world. A big thank you to E’s dads who allowed me once again into their lives to capture the magic and love of parenthood and childhood. I always enjoy working with you guys. And also a big thank you to Theresa, who I think surprised us all today!! 😉

So…on with the sneak peeks!

Mussed Hair + Pearls

My 2 Dads

Just the Girls




Finally a shot from L’s first day of waiting for the bus from her first day of school. 🙁 Enjoy your little ones because this day comes on much too fast in my opinion…


1st Day of K for L


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