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Up way earlier than need be this morning. My younger daughter (sniff) is off to kindergarten starting today. WHERE has the time gone? She’s no longer my “baby” (well she’ll always be…) She gets to get on the school bus later this a.m.. 🙁 Here’s a few snaps of her over the past few months, the transition from preschool to K…(only fair since I highlighted M in a previous post).

New Location Scouting in July

I THINK I showed this one off already ;); A Favorite

Love This Shot

On The Prowl for Cicadas


Now for more summer ’07 highlights!!

Beautiful Pout

Another Beautiful Pout

Umbrella Girl

Late Afternoon on the River

Green Boy

Mom ‘n Boy

Everyone Needs A Helping Hand


Tall Grasses

Newbie Baby Boy

Newbie Baby Girl

Newbie Twins

Newbie Mom (love ‘em all but especially love this one!)




Cute Baby Sister

Update on bookings. We are currently accepting session reservations for the months of September to November 2007. THIS typically is our busiest time of year and I suspect 2007 will be no different. Sessions for September are almost completely booked, only several sessions dates/times remain. (I wonder if my earlier ‘post love’ regarding the month of September put the buzz in y’alls ears!) Give us a buzz @ 815.603.8450 to set up a date & date for a September Marmalade Session!! Also, there are still a few time slots available for the September 13th version of the Limited Edition Sessions (look to your right hand side for a link towards the bottom to get more info on these cool little sessions! Perfect for getting awesome photo cards for Holiday Season 2007).

Becca (Marmalade Photography’s Q&A client from earlier this month) finally launched her much anticipated new site showcasing her fabulous “taste”!! Please go check her site out at: As a fellow lover of all things visual I have to say I love the simplicity and beauty of her site. I also think that, quite honestly, the concept of personalized cooking instruction IN YOUR OWN HOME is a brilliant concept. So please go by Becca’s site and shoot her off a nice email or two applauding the launch of her fantastic site and think about the favorite cook in your life that would love a lesson (or six) from Becca! A big congrats to Becca for getting this site off & running and much success to be associated with its’ launch!

Thanks for taking a peek into my blog!


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