The Gem Tree

When I was a little girl, my dad would sit and fashion these exquisite little trees out of brass wire and gems (often broken costume jewelry of my moms). He would then mount these exquisite beauties to wedges of wood he had spray painted gold to match. These gem trees are the trees of my youth, I cherish the two I have as if they were made of real diamonds and gold.

On the night of my birthday I felt compelled to go for a short walk. I stopped when I saw the streetlight hitting the dew laden tree at the corner where my girls get on the bus for school. I was feeling sad, missing both my parents who are now gone, having spent my birthday with my beautiful family but still missing the people who brought me into this world. The moment I came across this great mostly natural spectacle I was inspired to run into the house and grab my camera. It reminded me of my dad’s gem trees.

I wish I could capture images exactly how I view them in my minds’ eye. I think that’s what keeps me on my toes, the always-searching-for-that-perfect-capture.


I miss you mom and dad. Thank you for the wonders you have gifted me since your passing, especially this gift of a gem tree.

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