Graduation photos in Chicagoland

Are you looking to create some beautiful and personality filled graduation photos in Chicagoland?  You’re in for a treat!!  A bit of a preview for my oldest’s 8th grade graduation photos.

My oldest (pictured as a baby below) is graduating junior high May of 2014!  I cannot believe how time has flown by so quickly, I am so glad that we have a great mix of photos from when she was a baby (when I was an amateur with a camera), a large variety of professional photos (taken through the years way before I became a professional photographer) and then once I started Marmalade Photography: a great mix of my own snapshots and professional quality portraits as well as great images as taken by some fellow professional photographers like my talented photographer friends Lauri Baker and Pam Biasotti .

But this post isn’t about the past (except to showcase a then and now transformation).  It’s about the first part of my girls’ 8th grade photo session.  She wanted to do some images in the snow and we captured these on (hopefully) one of the last snow days!  We were attacked by the trees tossing down snow as the temperature increased but it was well worth it to capture the many moods of my gorgeous teenager!!

Thanks for stopping in to view these.  First I will include a quick snapshot from when she was about 8 months old.  Look at that gorgeous face!! (excuse the snapshot quality!)

From late 2000: SUCH A CUTIE PIE!!  They grow up too too quick.

Chicago Sibling Photographer

A sweet image of my two girls, sisters that have a (mostly) love relationship with one another

Here are her beautiful 8th grade portraits in the snow, as always her gallery is filled with a fun mix of personality shots as well as what you expect from a typical portrait session:







(in case you’re wondering she was mimicking that one emoji that looks like ????  LOL)



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  • Nina - March 19, 2014 - 10:45 am

    Such a beautiful daughter!

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