Session With Yet Another “M”

I’ve had a run of sessions with little girls and the “M” name (if you know my oldest child’s name you know what name I’m talking about). Who knew it was the next Lisa/Julia/Christine? Ha.

This girl could’ve been named anything and it would still make her way adorable. I had a blast going to her home and photographing her and her mom & dad in and around their home in Wheaton. Thanks to Rod & Daesman who allowed me into their lives to catch a glimpse of M’s world. And thanks to L’s mom who also allowed me to capture his sweet nature as well.

So…scroll down for some sneak peek action of Miss M (and maybe some other people in her life as well). It was a fantastic time, hope you all had fun as well!

On the Classic Ottoman

Family of Three

Love this One

Thanks for stopping in!


In the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out a new client feature as well as a new client Q&A (with Francesca). That is when I can catch my breath for five minutes! LOL

xoxo, Mare


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