A Few Things…Sneak Peeks, Special Thank Yous, Etc.

First things first….I want to thank Raylene & Jason for the wonderful gift of chocolate that I received today. It was beyond thoughtful and wonderful and I so enjoyed working with you and your four boys and although it was unnecessary, the truffles are a wonderful thank you gift that I truly truly will enjoy and more importantly appreciate.

In the past I have been rewarded (spoiled, blessed with) with wonderful and kind clients, thoughtful, many times understanding my view of the world through the lens and understanding that what we are doing together during our photo session is documenting the present moment, (which is not always the idealized way that we personally view our children, this sometimes differs from what is captured). Because over the past few years I have frequently encountered clients that understand this, I guess I am beyond spoiled. So, to be fair, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful clients who have “got it” in the past. Thank you thank you thank you. There are days, like today, where I am out for more hours than I care to think about and the world at large acts against me (traffic was way ugly on the way home), I reflect upon the wonderful times with clients, the sessions and the post session follow ups, the wonderfully penned letters of thanks, the thoughtful gifts and I truly am thankful that I can be part of your lives. So thank you to my wonderful clients from the past, from today and for the future.

Now for some sneak peeks. SINCE I am on the topic of past clients, let’s talk about the 2nd session of the day….a big thank you to Amy & Brian for inviting me to peek into their lives today for a second time and to record their son, A in his 2nd year of life. I so enjoy working with this family and as usual, had a wonderful time peeking into their family. Thank you, once again, for allowing me into your lives.  We made a tour of the parks and dog parks of the North Side of Chicago today.  Great fun!

Down Below

Green Door

Isn’t he growing up to be a handsome boy? He has the most captivating smile.


My first session today was park fun. A & J’s mom and I ran worked at getting these images but I assure you, Karen, you will be beyond pleased. The images are stunning and I am oh so happy to report that I think you will be pleasantly surprised!! (not often but on occasion the parents walk away from a session wondering: WHAT did we get, did we get anything? and I assure you today was not a day for worry about this). Thanks to Karen, A & J for allowing me to capture life as a big sister/little brother and playtime at the parks in Glencoe. Please enjoy your sneak peeks:


Royal Princess




A big thank you for stopping by.

xoxo, Mare



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  • Elizabeth - October 28, 2007 - 10:13 am

    These Sneek Peeks are wonderful I love the last shot and the girl with the beautiful tiara.. well done

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