recent session highlights…

today is a day of crazy busy-ness and I have been tempted to do some procrastination here on the blog. here are some unseen by the readers of the blog highlights of recent sessions! thanks for stopping in…

pretty on the wall

old angled willow tree

cool boys on the door

family on the sofa

thoughts of sugarplums dancing in her head…

handsome profile

aren’t they adorable?

hands down favorite of mine

two dudes

family by the tracks

sweet sweet baby boy

lend a leaf to me, will ya?

dancing with daddy

dogs *are* funny


barefoot baby (and proud of it)

pretty pretty



Be on the look out because tomorrow is the big 3-7 for you-know-who. Remember…I’m going to give a gift away for MY birthday to some lucky reader!

xoxo, Mare

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