I could’ve titled this: a young man and his dog. Honestly Irving could’ve been the star of the show if I let myself get carried away! 😀 Having said that this handsome young man deserved all the attention! Photogenic, charismatic and with an great future ahead of him!

Thank you to Cathy, this young man’s mom, for letting me capture a few moments for her to forever remember her not-so-Little guy before he travels half way across the country to college. <<SOB>> I can’t help but think about all the emotions we moms go through before our kids embark on this next leg of life’s journey…having been there and done the whole high school senior thing before with my own two girls I really get how moms feel…the tide of emotions: bittersweet, happy, joyful and sometimes (or more) sad. But this young fella has a bright future ahead of him and I am 100% certain that he’ll be back…probably with laundry 😀

Without further adieu a few brief sneak peeks for Cathy and C. Thanks to you both for allowing me to capture these images for you! Please enjoy! 🙂

Are you looking to capture your young adult for Chicago High School Senior Photos? Please feel free to contact us at marmaladephotography@gmail.com (or call us at 815-603-8450) to set up a brief few minute exploratory phone call to determine if MP is the right fit for your high school senior photography needs.

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It’s crazy right now in Marmaland, boy boy boy sessions! It truly is high school senior boy season in Chicago for Marmalade Photography! Though I have to admit it’s been fun, the guy energy is something that is not typical for a mom of two young ladies and it’s been refreshing to photograph so many handsome young men on the cusp of a major life change.

My long time client Lisa reached out to me several weeks ago inquiring about doing a set of mini sessions for her son & a few friends. To say I jumped at the opportunity is an understatement, I loved the idea (and why hadn’t I thought of that before?? I am not sure).

For guys a mini session: 20-25 minutes in front of the camera in a somewhat familiar environment is actually the *perfect* scenario. Guys are great and these kids were absolutely fantastic but let’s be honest: getting your son in front of a stranger’s camera for any length of time can be a struggle dependent on the situation and ideally a guy’s mini session for senior photos fits their lifestyle needs.

(I was super careful not to say they don’t like the camera because I really don’t think that’s always the issue, it’s that pictures and posing and forcing smiles isn’t something most guys willingly sign up for, I think it’s more about creating a sort of fun and laid back scene for the guys to ease into)

Enough meandering…I have a few sneak peeks to get into!

First up is handsome C! It was a pleasure of meeting this young man: smart, athletic and a pretty great guy overall. Thank you to his mom Annie for allowing Marmalade Photography into his world for just a brief few minutes in order to capture his spirit. Truly a pleasure to meet the both of you and thanks to Lisa for hosting these minis.

As a side note…the area near Lisa’s home is simply filled with some of my very favorite elements to a photograph a scene, really a great spot to photograph young adults. Because I shoot primarily on location I am used to finding great scenes wherever I can. Having said that these sessions were held somewhere where I probably could’ve spent from dawn to dusk photographing here.

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek of this Chicago, Illinois high school senior boy. Go class of 2022! You have huge things to accomplish.

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I had the pleasure of traveling to southeast Missouri to visit and photograph one of my long time favorite Marmalade kids this past weekend for a high school prom photo shoot.

I have been photographing this family for fourteen years, which is a lifetime for one of some of us! It’s always a pleasure to see this family, an honor to be invited into their lives to photograph them and to have become part of the fabric of their memories.

It’s strange though, if I am being honest, because the first time I laid eyes on this young man he was just a preschooler…and now he’s a young man. Really it’s a bit of a mind bend to have just photographed him and his friends for his prom photos because if I look back into my galleries from just a few years back he was still a middle schooler. So weird how quickly these kids grow, develop their own personalities…and DRIVE??!

I know there is some excitement built up to see these since prom was this past Saturday so I hope these are enjoyed!! Here’s a bit of an extended sneak peek of these really awesome moments from this prom weekend. I hope they are “tough” enough! LOL Thank you Scotty, Erin, Scott and everyone else involved. I am pretty proud of these. Will be in touch very soon!!

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The Blog is back in action!! I had taken some time away from blogging for a number of reasons however I spent the weekend at a client’s home in Missouri and she was pretty adamant on my restarting blogging. It *is* the original social media (sorta) so I see her point. Also I have actually missed blogging and using this platform to communicate what’s new in the Marma-world. So here we go!!

Up first is this fun Plainfield North High School Senior Photo Session from this weekend. I haven’t seen this not-so-Little-anymore young man for quite awhile so it was fun updating my memories of this handsome and accomplished young man. He has a bright future and seems like he is ready to take on the world!

Thank you to his parents for trusting Marmalade Photography with creating memories of this young man during this in between time in his life. Senior photos are a mixed bag for us parents: we long for the seemingly endless days of our children’s childhood but yet breathe a sigh of relief that we are “through it”. Strange times and truly bittersweet.



So much cuteness……

Back to now:

What a beautiful session and a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift, truly.

Speaking of Mother’s Day…I hope you mamas all had a beautiful day. Sometimes we moms can’t catch a break, even on our celebratory day. The weather was pretty amazing (finally) and hopefully your Littles (or not-so-Littles) and the other important people in your life made it all about *you*.

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Without hesitation: a huge thank you to the K Family who allowed me to spend a VERY cloudy late October afternoon with them having fun and getting to know the younger members of this beautiful family.  Here is a sneak peek with a couple blasts from the past hopefully in the near future (if I can dig them up) to round this 2020 session sneak peek out.


Northbrook Professional Photography Northbrook Family Photos at Home Indoor at home photography in Northbrook photos of brothers and sisters Northbrook, Illinois

It is frequently said by myself and with as much enthusiasm each and every time, it is truly a blessing to be invited into my client’s homes to create images of their family in their own setting. This session was a double blessing as it was with a repeat client; one of my very favorite sessions from the early years of Marmalade Photography, soon after we moved into our cute little downtown studio location…I have been searching for the images from their first session for a good hour so that I could do a “now and then” flashback; as of this moment I cannot locate them (wouldn’t be the first 2008 session that fell victim to my hard drive crash of a few years back). If I can dig some up I’ll do an add on as a flashback at a later date. I’m so sorry that I don’t have these images handy to share with these updated images.

Marmalade Photography creates custom photographic art for some of Chicago’s most discriminating families. We are overjoyed to celebrate this our 15th Holiday Season. I am just getting back in the swing of things this past week or so…I broke my foot in mid September and it has made for a less than usual Fall season. however if you are looking for late in the Fall photos for the 2020 Holiday season I have opened up several November dates that normally I reserve for reschedules.  Please give me a call if you’re interested in a Fall 2020 session!

We love traveling to our client’s homes to create unique imagery that highlights who they are in this time and place.  This example of a Northbrook, Illinois Family Photography session is a great example of having Marmalade Photography come to your home to create beautiful photography of your family that is ageless.  Photo sessions can be done at your home or one of our handpicked locations here in Southwest Suburban Chicago: your choice for long lasting images of your very favorites!


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