Chicago High School Senior Photos

I could’ve titled this: a young man and his dog. Honestly Irving could’ve been the star of the show if I let myself get carried away! 😀 Having said that this handsome young man deserved all the attention! Photogenic, charismatic and with an great future ahead of him!

Thank you to Cathy, this young man’s mom, for letting me capture a few moments for her to forever remember her not-so-Little guy before he travels half way across the country to college. <<SOB>> I can’t help but think about all the emotions we moms go through before our kids embark on this next leg of life’s journey…having been there and done the whole high school senior thing before with my own two girls I really get how moms feel…the tide of emotions: bittersweet, happy, joyful and sometimes (or more) sad. But this young fella has a bright future ahead of him and I am 100% certain that he’ll be back…probably with laundry 😀

Without further adieu a few brief sneak peeks for Cathy and C. Thanks to you both for allowing me to capture these images for you! Please enjoy! 🙂

Are you looking to capture your young adult for Chicago High School Senior Photos? Please feel free to contact us at (or call us at 815-603-8450) to set up a brief few minute exploratory phone call to determine if MP is the right fit for your high school senior photography needs.

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