Plainfield North High School Senior Photo Session

The Blog is back in action!! I had taken some time away from blogging for a number of reasons however I spent the weekend at a client’s home in Missouri and she was pretty adamant on my restarting blogging. It *is* the original social media (sorta) so I see her point. Also I have actually missed blogging and using this platform to communicate what’s new in the Marma-world. So here we go!!

Up first is this fun Plainfield North High School Senior Photo Session from this weekend. I haven’t seen this not-so-Little-anymore young man for quite awhile so it was fun updating my memories of this handsome and accomplished young man. He has a bright future and seems like he is ready to take on the world!

Thank you to his parents for trusting Marmalade Photography with creating memories of this young man during this in between time in his life. Senior photos are a mixed bag for us parents: we long for the seemingly endless days of our children’s childhood but yet breathe a sigh of relief that we are “through it”. Strange times and truly bittersweet.



So much cuteness……

Back to now:

What a beautiful session and a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift, truly.

Speaking of Mother’s Day…I hope you mamas all had a beautiful day. Sometimes we moms can’t catch a break, even on our celebratory day. The weather was pretty amazing (finally) and hopefully your Littles (or not-so-Littles) and the other important people in your life made it all about *you*.

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