High School Senior Boy Season in Chicago

It’s crazy right now in Marmaland, boy boy boy sessions! It truly is high school senior boy season in Chicago for Marmalade Photography! Though I have to admit it’s been fun, the guy energy is something that is not typical for a mom of two young ladies and it’s been refreshing to photograph so many handsome young men on the cusp of a major life change.

My long time client Lisa reached out to me several weeks ago inquiring about doing a set of mini sessions for her son & a few friends. To say I jumped at the opportunity is an understatement, I loved the idea (and why hadn’t I thought of that before?? I am not sure).

For guys a mini session: 20-25 minutes in front of the camera in a somewhat familiar environment is actually the *perfect* scenario. Guys are great and these kids were absolutely fantastic but let’s be honest: getting your son in front of a stranger’s camera for any length of time can be a struggle dependent on the situation and ideally a guy’s mini session for senior photos fits their lifestyle needs.

(I was super careful not to say they don’t like the camera because I really don’t think that’s always the issue, it’s that pictures and posing and forcing smiles isn’t something most guys willingly sign up for, I think it’s more about creating a sort of fun and laid back scene for the guys to ease into)

Enough meandering…I have a few sneak peeks to get into!

First up is handsome C! It was a pleasure of meeting this young man: smart, athletic and a pretty great guy overall. Thank you to his mom Annie for allowing Marmalade Photography into his world for just a brief few minutes in order to capture his spirit. Truly a pleasure to meet the both of you and thanks to Lisa for hosting these minis.

As a side note…the area near Lisa’s home is simply filled with some of my very favorite elements to a photograph a scene, really a great spot to photograph young adults. Because I shoot primarily on location I am used to finding great scenes wherever I can. Having said that these sessions were held somewhere where I probably could’ve spent from dawn to dusk photographing here.

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek of this Chicago, Illinois high school senior boy. Go class of 2022! You have huge things to accomplish.

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