Out Of Town

It is official, vacation is here!  I will be mostly unreachable from this evening starting…oh in about a half hour to July 26.   I may be able to get internet access at the Old Faithful Inn (supposedly) so I may just have to post a few images.  Wyoming is most definitely not in the dark ages and I’m sure I’ll be checking in on voicemail from time to time but no promises as I plan to spend the next few weeks recuperating and hanging with the family.

Orders that were placed the week before this past week are going to be shipped this week.  Orders taken this past few days will be put into production upon my return home on/around July 25 (as discussed at the time of your order).  Sessions done this past week or so will not be complete for viewing until a few days after my return home.  I think I covered my bases with telling everyone this, but I like to keep the lines of communication open.

I want to personally thank Kaitlyn and Julie for wonderful notes and emails this week.  Might I add that Kaitlyn has amazing handwriting for a two year old!!

I am going to sign off with a couple of shopping tidbits since I’ve been receiving feedback that people are digging this.  As you may have noticed, I have been picking my clients’ thoughts on shopping.  Miss A whose mom has fantabulous taste in clothes  (posted a few images of her session with her cousins a few days ago) highly recommends the boutique Greggy Girl


Check out the beyond adorable coat for sizes 2t to 6x.  Oh my gosh, if I hadn’t gotten a furry black long coat for my girls at Just Kidding Around in Morris, IL I would so be there in a heartbeat.

Speaking of Morris, Illinois…it is definitely one of the most wonderful old downtown areas around Chicagoland.  It’s about an hour drive south and then west of the city but I have to tell you, nostalgia, charm just flow out of this little town.   I feel very fortunate to be able to go there on a whim to do some cutesy boutique shopping (mostly for the home).  It is positively one of the most photogenic little communities around.

Crib Rock Concert T-Shirts at Shop Genes crack me up.   Apparently the Baa Baa Black Sheep are back on tour.



The Shop Genes site really is a great mish mosh remniscent of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie but for kids.  I’m totally digging on it.   There’s kid decor, kids’ clothes and just fun stuff galore there.


Could these *be* any cuter?

Knitted Fruit Rattles at  Craftsbury Kids  Love the idea because my girls always wanted to chew on something softer than a plastic toy when they were wee ones.   These are made with 100% cotton, gotta love the washability factor there.

Speaking of food (and you will get the segway once the Q&A comes out…last but not least, my next Q&A victim (er, CLIENT!  LOL), Becca, emailed me the sugestion for this.  I love these….they can be customized with a saying of your very own or with one of their sayings.  Sugarboo Designs, cool looking site!  Adorable frame.  Becca says they are fantastic.

Well happy shopping!!   Me?  I’m off for some sightseeing, bear watching (hopefully) and avoiding the bison.



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