It’s Not The Camera: Vacation in Surf City, NC

When I go on vacation I like to take it easy.  It’s no surprise to many of my blog readers (that are photographers themselves) that I like to take it photography “lite” while on vacation.  Yes, yes, I do take the big dSLR and a variety of lenses with me but I also can be spotted (quite often actually) with just my point & shoot camera and my iPhone.  Again it’s no surprise to my photography friends that more often than not I’m taking my iPhone out for quick impromptu shots.  I enjoy using it for those “happens so quick that I can barely get to it moments” or for that bit of inspiration that hits when I see something in my mind’s eye but don’t have the drive to do the whole dSLR thing. I enjoy my iPhoneography because I can quick, in the blink of an eye (provided my 3G connection is playing nice) upload and share with my online world and get almost immediate feedback.

Don’t get me wrong – I adore my dSLR (er, dSLRs plural).  I enjoy the creative tool that it is and combined with Photoshop I feel like it’s an unbelievable mix of all things wonderful.  But I crave simplicity in this crazed, complicated world.  I often crave the days of film where you did your end and adjusted the settings, shot the roll and sent it to the lab for them to do their magic.  I love creating and sometimes just love creating for just that moment – at the risk of sounding like an ad – for now my iPhone helps get me there.

Simplicity is the glory of expression” – Walt Whitman

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