I know y’all aren’t going to believe me…

…but I feel writer’s blocked. I swear I have a mild case of A.D.D. because seriously I’ll type away and have this amazing (@ the moment) train of thought, get interrupted/distracted by a shiny object and POOF!, awesome/amazing train of thought all of a sudden is uninspiring/stinks and I’m back @ square one. I’ve been sitting here for two days just staring at the blank blog page and wondering HOW much of my train of thought process can my readers possibly handle.

So it’s been silent.

Alas, I cannot keep quiet too long though. I had three clients email me in the past few days going through some blog withdrawls. (Thank you Lisa, Annette & Whitney for emailing me with “glad you’re alive” emails, it made my week and contributed to my general feeling of warm fuzzy love at the end of last week…and yes to anyone I haven’t personally answered, that WAS Nick L.)

So what to talk about, what to talk about. Hmmm… a) it’s too cold to snap photos. b) y’all know my deepest darkest wishes for 2008 already. c) I haven’t bought any new tunes that blow me away. I have done some shopping and had some me mall time this week, sweaters are way on sale now and every thing I own is sort of sad looking. I debated getting a new car a couple of weeks ago when my husband drove us to the dealership to get new wiper blades for his sedan but I stood my ground and decided the gas guzzler we own is a lesser evil than another gas guzzler with payments (even if it’s one that I have coveted for a couple of lifetimes now).

There’s a sofa/chair combo in my studio that I’ve bartered to exchange out for two chairs from the antique store across the way from me. Jill is awesome (the owner of J&R Antiques) and just started the storefront business this past fall and I am so excited for her because things seem to be going very well for her. She and her husband have a true talent for putting things together, her holiday ideas in store blew me away. I really do need to get in there this week to make the exchange out. One of (soon to be mine) new chairs is a white wood with light blue fabric (? it might be velvet…I forget) bergere with metallic details and the other chair is a whimsical quilted chair that would be perfect for little girly girl shots. I got this AMAZING chandelier for the viewing room from the antique store next to hers several weeks ago. It’s this amazing tiered beaded number and at $59 it was a REAL find. Just gorgeous. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it.

The antique stores in downtown Wilmington, near my studio, are pretty amazing. I’ve discovered this side of myself that loves the “find”. Milltown Market (located a few blocks away) has another awesome leopard print victorian legged bench like the one that is sported in my studio. If any of my clients loved that little bench, you’ll be glad to know there’s an almost duplicate (legs & all) at Milltown Market on Kankakee down there.

Here’s a picture of the more than adorable Ella on the bench in question:

Ella Bella

Ok, brief discussion dedicated to my photography friends. I have posted information on my upcoming photography workshops at my photography workshop site here . I am now opening up slots for the 101 level workshop. Eligibility is limited to photographers outside my marketing area as discussed on the site (if you need to bookmark it, www.seethelightworkshop.com)

Thanks for stopping in & visiting. I swear I’ll get more blog exciting in the next few days. 🙂

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - January 22, 2008 - 11:38 am

    I hear ya on the lack of blogging stuff.. I have done pretty much nothing its cold and blah and stiffling.. I cannot wait for spring

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