Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Tweens

I used to post quite a bit on new little discoveries for the kid set: clothes, outfits, styling your family, new products, etc.   I sort of miss that aspect of my blog and decided why not change that?!  🙂  So here we are, back with a holiday gift idea that will make your “I want a cellllll phooooone!” tween or middle school aged child happy while keeping you happy because you’ll a) stay on budget and b) maintain some control over how the phone is managed.

Kajeet is a company that one of my client friends recently told me about and I LOVE LOVE them.  I did quite a bit of research on them in the past day or so and I can’t see a downside to their service.  Their cell phones come with parental controls – I’m pretty sure the quality of their controls isn’t matched on the market (I have been looking for months and we finally settled for a value plan by TracFone which I’ve been mostly happy with).  The great thing about Kajeet is that maybe you want your child to fall within a certain budget and allow them only text messaging (no picture messaging) unless they pay for it – Kajeet allows you to do so, break up the service so your child can add to their own “wallet” and have picture messages or other add ons taken out of that fund vs. your monthly bill.

Seriously you need to check it out if you’re considering getting a cell phone.  You’ll keep the peace of mind knowing you can reach your child wherever they may be with their phone, Kajeet runs on the Sprint network so you know it’s reliable service and they have such a wide selection of phones I can only imagine there’s one for every kid on your list.  You will have the peace of mind AND the control.  Win-win!

Kajeet Cell Phone Service for Kids

Thanks to my client, Dawn, who recommended it to me.  Here’s a favorite image from her gorgeous session that I just delivered yesterday:


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