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I’ve started this entry at least three times and cannot seem to find the right words for it.  I’m not usually so speechless but in this case I feel like it’s all I got.

My friend Cara and I share a mutual history of independent events that lead our lives on a trajectory much different from most women.  I feel like I am ultimately a better person for knowing her and for the events that lead to our meeting.  I’ve photographed her beautiful family & extended family once before a few years back and we got some amazing images together and I was finally able to meet the people who love & support her – which was such a blessing to finally get to do.  In the past year and a half (really two years…) Cara’s life has really changed (for the busy better) and they brought this amazing little L into their lives – he is full of life and laughter (even though he’s been sick for a few days) and it was an honor to meet this gorgeous bundle of (busy!) joy finally.


Chicago-Cousins-Photos Suburban-Chicago-Photography

And there he goes!!  I shouldn’t tease, he was *so* good for us but I love this moment, the older cousins (and brother) are enjoying the moment



Chicago-professional-photographerand finally the big brother in what he called the “80’s pose”.  I just watched Sixteen Candles – I think he might be right on that one.  😉

Thank you Cara for entrusting me with your photos once again!  I loved seeing how the cousins are growing up and how their relationship is blossoming despite the distance.  I loved seeing you again – I wish we had tons more time to hang out before you had to return home to Florida.  And thank you to Rob, Kriszti and ALL the kids for being beautiful and fun.  I had a blast this past weekend during our session.

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  • alpana - November 29, 2011 - 9:05 pm

    Such a good looking bunch of kids! Love how you have captured their unique personalities. The little girl and her outfit are just gorgeous 🙂

  • Susan - January 4, 2012 - 10:36 am

    ooh la la! these portraits look gorgeous!

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