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On Location Photography in Chicago

Whew.  It’s been a week!!  I think Mercury is in retrograde already, my phone has been acting wonky.  My computerView full post »

Teen photography in the Chicago area

The Passage of Time

A words written by Misty Brewer Lee, images by Marmalade Photography     When you first have children theyView full post »

An example of a portrait of two sisters

PSA: National “Be Kind to Your Portrait Photographer” Weeks

In case you think we photographers lead a glamorous life I’ll let you in on a little secret:  I’ve beenView full post »

Family photos for everyday

Have you seen Chatbooks?   If you haven’t yet you should really think about checking them out. Chatbooks is a wayView full post »

Article link to a instructional blog post on taking your best selfie

Photographing Your Selfie, aka How To Take the Best Selfie

First a disclaimer: my proclamation of selfies for everyone is not meant to be a substitution for beautiful qualityView full post »

Fun moment caught at our waterfall location

What is Custom Photography

On occasion a phone call will come through to the studio inquiring what Marmalade Photography offers in terms ofView full post »


Product Spotlight: Our Gallery Albums

This 10×10 custom created coffee table album was recently delivered to its’ permanent home.  I wanted to doView full post »

Beautiful New Mini Series on Photography

Introducing Africa to photography is a concept portrayed by this new mini series: Artscape – The New AfricanView full post »


The Bad, The Worse and The Ugly Side of Photography (strap yourselves in for this one)

There’s a real problem in this industry of photography, something that most professional photographers of anyView full post »