Funny and Irreverent, Photos and Illness

I’m a big fan of blogs and YouTube. Well in fact I am a big fan of all of the riches everyday Joe & Jane blog about and chat about and video about in the cyberworld circa 2008. Honestly I think it fascinates my inner peeping tom allows me to see the world from all sorts of points of view. I’m a big fan of people watching!

In my never ending quest to keep my blog peeps entertained I thought I’d share some of the more irreverent, funny, gross and fun blogs I like to read on a weekly basis. These are frequent fliers in my world so strap yourself in.

Here comes that pesky disclaimer: if you’re easily offended you may just want to skip these. If you want to laugh a bit and nod your head in agreement you may want to read on. For those that aren’t going to pass the time away with some of my more faves, here’s a few boy images taken from days of no snow and warmer weather 🙂 (I sometimes feel like I neglect the tougher sex in my retrospective moments so here we go…making up for it!)

My Pal With the Hat & Sword

He Knows He’s The Man…

Backlit Waterfall




The celebrity mom freebies on StrollerMomDerby always worth a read! The highlighted on focuses on J.Lo (or is it Jennifer Lopez? I can not keep up!)

A new favorite which I was referred to viewing just the other day, The Sneeze. I’m sending you right to the “Steve Don’t Eat Me” series of entries. I am warning you: it’ll gross you out but you’ll be laughing so hard it won’t even matter.

Because I Said So the blog of a Chicagoland mother who is on the verge of superstardom. Check her blog out so you can say you knew her before she became WAY rich and WAY famous. Some of her entries are so funny.

Speaking of mothering, everyone here at Casa Marmalade is sick.sick.sick. Except for me, I keep the dubious distinction of caretaker tonight (well every night actually). We were supposed to attend a function at the Museum of Science and Industry tomorrow night for the Children’s Heart Foundation and now I am really concerned that it will be a no go for us. 🙁 The girls are so excited though so please keep healthy vibrations coming our way. With some luck and healthy vibes perhaps the girls can go have a night at the museum tomorrow evening.

Ciao! And as always, thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Mare



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  • Elizabeth - February 2, 2008 - 2:42 pm

    Thanks for the blog links.. I love finding new blogs that give me a laugh.. so thanks for that.. Hope you are all feeling better? and managed to go to the Science Museum event?

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