Now for something different…

In this past month I have voraciously devoured numerous texts on photography, on living better and how to just be better. I’ve devoured hours of just me lost time on the internet and I have rediscovered the passion for learning and sharing.

In our quests, as humans, to prove our existence…we go to great lengths. Some of us are satisfied with creating images for families to cherish. Others go deeper and further than most of us are allowed to or ever have the opportunity to.

To that end, I say one name: Jim LoScalzo. He has a book out, EVIDENCE OF MY EXISTENCE and I found this 2 part series of promo video of his memoir.

Be aware some of the images are not only thought provoking but that viewing should be done with discretion. You may feel everything or nothing but you will not walk away untouched:

part I:

part II:

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