Family photos for everyday

Have you seen Chatbooks?   If you haven’t yet you should really think about checking them out.

Chatbooks is a way to integrate your Instagram feed into print.  It’s an app that creates a hard copy of your Instagram feed for every 60 entries.  It even includes the dates and captions!  You set up the app (available on the App store) and it will set up for you.  And at about $8+ per book it’s a very affordable way to document the everyday moments (that are so integral for family life!).

This app is getting RAVE reviews from my fellow professional photographers and from many of my clients.  I’m going to be creating my own books here very soon and hope to have a review up for you very soon.  Because prints matter!  And the Print Revolution is all about making the intangible (aka digital) tangible (prints!).

If you’re looking to create family photos for everyday situations and you are a busy mom you should consider Chatbooks or other IG to print option (there’s several out there).

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