Beyond Gorgeous October Afternoon

I had the great pleasure of photographing KC and his parents Sunday afternoon.  It was a sort of mini blast from the past/small world thing (as seems to be happening much these days).  I grew up in the same neighborhood as KC’s dad and his mom and I led sort of parallel lives with regard to people and places.  Funny how small the world really is.

Small world things set aside, we couldn’t have ordered up a more wonderful fall afternoon.  The leaves falling, the colors just starting to change (we’ll disregard the heavy gusts of wind because on an 80 degree October day, a little wind never hurt anyone!).  The waterfall was magnificent yesterday and I believe part of it was the company I kept through the afternoon.

So this is what you get when you have a good looking boy, two wonderfully doting parents and a lovable pup by the name of Dixie.


Family Shot :)

A Favorite

I had a WONDERFUL time seeing you and finally meeting you all today.  A big thanks to KC and the gang, I hope you had a blast.  I also hope you enjoyed Polk-a-Dot (and of course, wonderful Ben Franklin!! )  As I always say, a trip to Wilmington is nothing without a trip to old favorites.


Thanks for stopping in, til next time (which is going to be soon because there are tons of sessions to preview).


xoxo, Mare


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