Allow Me To Show Off My Beautiful Girls

Because, as I have blogged before, they are my toughest clients to date! LOL. But today, I don’t know if it was my whatever the heck happens attitude or that I allowed them to choose the location (they chose URBAN STUDIO!! LOVE those kids) but they were cooperative. Mark it in the record books folks, the girls were on their best behavior.

A quick note to A’s parents from yesterday’s session, I am Jesus and Mary Chain obsessed now (again). Thanks Brian!! And for you folks wondering what the heck I’m listening to now (I know you all are!), I am big into Mellowdrome, the single best album I’ve bought in a year (last year my Muse album was my most favoritest with The Killers Sam’s Town a close 2nd (altho Duane got me that album so nevermind that). Anyway, I hope little A is feeling better and all is well with you guys.

Ok, on to my gorgeous cooperative children who didn’t run away cooperated when I insisted on torturing photographing them today.

Thanks for stopping in. Oh and the eleventy calls I need to return, if you’re reading this I haven’t forgotten about you! Busy season and all that good stuff, this week is all catch up!!

Tiny Little Hole in the Town

Broken Down and Run Flat

Girly RR Crossing

My New All Time Fave

Dusting off the studio lights; check out funky yellow sofa


Thanks for allowing me to bore you with my chicas!! xoxo, Mare


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  • Elizabeth - October 16, 2007 - 9:43 am

    As usual you never cease to impress me with your work..and once again you have impressed me by knowing who Jesus and Mary Chain are.. I saw them Years and Years ago now when they first started out.. once of my fav. bands.. they played the whole concert with their backs facing the audience..haha.. it was awesome.

  • Mare - October 22, 2007 - 1:01 am

    LOVE the J&MC. Love. I’m envious you got to see them.

    And thank you for the kind words, Elizabeth.

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