A Few Little Highlights…

Over the course of the past few months. However, before I get to that I want to remind everyone that there are still several openings for September, which (scroll down) you may find is one of my most FAVORITE times to photograph. There really is just something amazing about September. Also, a few Limited Edition Sessions are available for updated photos and/or Holiday Cards. Be sure to call & reserve your session before it’s too late and too far into the busy preHoliday photography season!!

So, for session highlights, I spend all this time quickly previewing a few images here & there immediately after the session so clients can rest for that few weeks time it takes to truly get through the images and get them ready for presentation and I *never* follow up with showing my favorites (or my clients’ favorites) after the images are all completed and the story of their session is complete. So here, now, I will be presenting to you, my loyal blog followers, a few little session highlights. For what it’s worth, the web site is in dire need of updating but I do not see that happening in the immediate future, so this will have to do.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Without further adieu…

Daddy’s Little Girl

Beach Baby

Always Behind Me

Silly Boy

Lovely Lady


Your Face Will Freeze Like That!


Swimming Pool Antics

Dock Family

Getting Your Feet Wet…

Little Brother

Waterfall Boy

Me n Mom

Family @ The Secret Spot

With Little Lamb


Water Play

Vintagey Girl

Dandelion Fluff


Quiet Time

Princess In Throne

Light Hearted

Hat Girl



Believe it or not…that’s about 1/4 way through the sessions.  This is taking longer than I thought (that’s an excellent thing in my opinion!)

I think I’ll split it into two or three posts to follow. Thanks for looking and thanks to the many families that have trusted me with these moments of their stories, to create art that will forever be cherished of their families and children. I hope, in some small way, that I have contributed to the history and memories of your lives this past summer…

There is more to come. I promise!


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