Goodness Me…

Sitting here proofing and trying to catch up on sessions 2 weeks ago and it hit me…I didn’t sneak peek yesterday’s session yet.

Our session yesterday was like that motto for the U.S. Postal Service, neither rain, nor snow, nor wind, nor…oh you know that motto. It *downpoured* yesterday so the session was forced to go indoors for the big majority. However, my clients (who drove in from the city…) were absolutely wonderful and kept a great sense of humor about the whole thing. I wish we could all have that fabulous sense of humor when things don’t necessarily go our way. A big thanks to the T and G family for coming out and allowing me to capture this special time in their lives (the celebration of L & S’s 50th wedding anniversary! That’s a big deal as 50 years is an amazing time to live as a couple…having just celebrated my 14th wedding anniversary thinking THAT’S a big deal. ;)).

Enjoy your sneak peeks!




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