I have known this beautiful mama-to-be since…oh…2013 or so. It was an absolute joy to be able to photograph her maternity session…at almost 8 months!! Over the years I have watched this young lady grow into a beautiful woman, always so outgoing, so charming and such a gentle spirit!

It goes without saying that this young lady possesses all the characteristics that make up great moms. She is kind, gentle hearted, smart and as lovely as a person as you can imagine. I cannot wait to meet her and her beau’s little one in just over a month & a half…what a lucky little one!

Thank you M & P (and C!!) for allowing me a glimpse into this happy time in your lives and allowing me the opportunity to take these maternity photos in the suburbs of Chicago. Enjoy the sneak peek, this time is fleeting so make sure you’re getting enough rest and kicking those feet up every chance you get!!

Maternity relationship photo

Doesn’t she just glow?! You’d never know that she’s rounding the corner through that last trimester.

Expectant moms in the Chicago area often inquire about what is the best time to be photographed for their maternity session? During a mom’s first pregnancy the time frame is a bit more forgiving vs during subsequent pregnancies…The most common recommendation by photographers is later in the 2nd trimester, the thought being that this is the time that mom-to-be is still glowing and just showing and not feeling that last trimester slow down that is all-too-common. Personally I feel that the perfect time for maternity photos is whenever…and while it may be a little more difficult to get around during the later stages of pregnancy it’s something that is easy to accommodate. So while *ideally* the rule of thumb is sometime during the 2nd trimester just when mom is showing…reality dictates that we take that advice with a grain of salt. The best time for maternity photos is when you feel up to it. Every pregnancy is different and some mamas struggle with morning sickness for a long time and others feel great throughout.

If you are looking to be photographed for maternity photos in the suburbs or in the city of Chicago (or lands beyond!) look no further than Marmalade Photography. We have been photographing families, newborns, soon-to-be-mamas and kids of all ages since 2005. Marmalade Photography believes that your images should be as individual to you as you are to your family. If you are looking for fine imagery created by a photographer that believes in the uniqueness of the human soul and spirit please give drop me a note or give me a call to set up a discovery phone call to see if we are the right fit! 815-603-8450

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I love visiting with this family who I have known for the greater part of the last 15 years. I’ve had the pleasure of watching both these kids grow up and it’s been an honor to get the call that they are coming back to town for a visit and to get to catch up with them while they are in the City of Chicago.

We spent a beautiful Windy City morning exploring the riverfront near where they were staying and explored just a bit of the city. The kids are growing up beautifully (So tall!! When did I get so short??!) and it felt like no time had passed since I saw them last, except that know they are full grown teens and not-so-Littles anymore.

Thank you C & T for allowing me to peek into your vacation lives for a morning to capture who your family is right now. Absolutely loved catching up with you all!!

Want to walk back in time? Click here to go back to 2016!

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Hazy, overcast & about-to-rain Chicago spring days are some of my favorite days to shoot! Let’s add some beautiful people to the mix? Well it’s a little slice of heaven. In this case we are focusing on some Chicago teen photography on the far North side.

I’ve been photographing E & V (and their brother O) for more years than I can count on two hands. I think E was not even a year old the first time I photographed her and her beautiful mama. This kid is full of expressions for certain!! It has been a pleasure watching her grow up in front of me!! And V, her sweet older brother has grown up and is coming into his own: handsome, kind and athletic…a great combo.

Apologies for the delayed mini sneak peek on these two awesome kids. Thanks again to their awesome parents for trusting me enough over the years to record these kids growing up into young adults. It’s a bittersweet job but I certainly love doing it! We had only a brief time to create some magic with these two but it was enough (blows on & shines finger nails on pretend lapel) 😉

And some sibling love from back in the day (2012 does NOT seem like it was a decade ago) & some sibling not-so-love from just a few years back:

Life goes by fast…

Remember when your children were young and every well meaning older mom would come up to you/your family when you were wrangling Littles and trying to keep yourself together and they would chime in with a well meaning: “It really does go by so fast…” They really weren’t lying were they? And if you’re there right now and rolling your eyes at us older moms: I don’t judge that either. Man those days went by so slow sometimes…it’s really a little nutty that our children’s childhood is like that. There comes a point where you just want to bottle it all up and freeze it. The only way I know how to freeze time is through photos.

Is it time for you to get some Chicago teen photography done of your not-so-littles or perhaps you still have littles and would love to form a relationship with a professional photographer who not only gets it but has a commitment to the extended family relationships she forms with her clients? Someone to help you measure time and create beautiful memories along the way? You came to the right place. Let’s set up a discovery phone call to see if we are the right fit – I would love to help you create some pretty imagery for your home and for your life. 815-603-8450 is my number, I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Lisa Jozwiak - May 29, 2022 - 11:41 am

    These are amazing!! You are such a miracle worker! These two weren’t even planning to get their pictures taken that afternoon – they were photo session crashers!! So, so happy we squeezed them in because look how they’ve grown and bloomed over the course of the last 3 years. So grateful you have such a gift for connecting with and capturing these teens on film.

This sneak peek is for Lisa who so wonderfully shared her space with myself and a few friends this past Sunday at her home on Chicago’s North Side to host a high school senior mini photo session event!

And when I tell you this bite sized version of Marmalade Photography was perfect for the guys, I am not joking!! It was a great experience, the afternoon flied by and I got to reconnect with some of my all time Marmalade Family members and their friends.

Win – win!

This last sneak peek from the boys’ senior photo session is of O. I have watched this young man and his siblings grow up in front of my camera and when I say that it is an HONOR to watch babies and preschoolers grow up and be able to document this passage of time for their parents…I absolutely mean it. Many times I see families every few years, documenting their family history, the kids’ growth, the relationships grow between everyone…I have had clients celebrate major life events, celebrate their renewed health after a health scare…I have had clients celebrate a variety of life events with photos capturing that time and mood. Most importantly I have witnessed so many kids grow from toddling Littles to full grown not-so-Littles. When I tell you that it is disarming to witness how *quickly* time passes I really mean it. Keep in mind that a child freezes in my mind to whatever my last photo session was with them, so to see them two-three-four years later is pretty disarming.

(and really very cool!!)

In this case when I saw O for the first time in three years I was stunned. He has always been a charming Little. He’s always possessed this infectious and somewhat mischievous smile mixed in with his open-hearted nature…now though he has grown SO tall mixed in with classic Abercrombie good looks. I love to watch young people grow into their own and start forming that beautiful sense of self and confidence that comes with accomplishing goals and working towards them.

So without further adieu I give you a couple sneak peeks of O’s high school senior session. Thank you to his mom Lisa…for everything. I always walk away from our sessions feeling good and Sunday was no exception. Thank you for continuing to allow me to create art for your family & home!! I am 100% certain we created some really awesome memories for you guys.

(and I’ll have a couple other sneak peeks posted in the next couple of days for you!!)

And thank you O, you are a great kid. I am so happy to be able to capture who you are right now!

Maybe you came across this sneak peek in hopes to find a photographer to capture your High School Senior Boy Photos in Chicago…or perhaps you have a young lady and are looking to capture her grace, beauty and sass during her senior year in high school. Please feel free to reach out to Marianne to schedule a discovery phone call to see if we are the right fit for each other. My phone number is 815-603-8450 and I create custom photography art to fill your spaces and heart with soulful and touching imagery that is meant for life. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I could’ve titled this: a young man and his dog. Honestly Irving could’ve been the star of the show if I let myself get carried away! 😀 Having said that this handsome young man deserved all the attention! Photogenic, charismatic and with an great future ahead of him!

Thank you to Cathy, this young man’s mom, for letting me capture a few moments for her to forever remember her not-so-Little guy before he travels half way across the country to college. <<SOB>> I can’t help but think about all the emotions we moms go through before our kids embark on this next leg of life’s journey…having been there and done the whole high school senior thing before with my own two girls I really get how moms feel…the tide of emotions: bittersweet, happy, joyful and sometimes (or more) sad. But this young fella has a bright future ahead of him and I am 100% certain that he’ll be back…probably with laundry 😀

Without further adieu a few brief sneak peeks for Cathy and C. Thanks to you both for allowing me to capture these images for you! Please enjoy! 🙂

Are you looking to capture your young adult for Chicago High School Senior Photos? Please feel free to contact us at marmaladephotography@gmail.com (or call us at 815-603-8450) to set up a brief few minute exploratory phone call to determine if MP is the right fit for your high school senior photography needs.

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