A blast from the past!! It was so wonderful to see this young lady, all grown up, almost ready to take on the world after a “few” years.

Back in 2008 when MY Littles were still Littles I had the pleasure of photographing quite a few “Sisters” sessions. One of my very favorites shot at our Wilmington, IL photography studio was with P & her sister. Some of the images were showcased on my previous website for many years so those of you who have followed Marmalade Photography for a little while may be familiar with the sweet faces I am about to show you.

THEN (the first two are of our HS senior!):

Little girl photographed in 2008
Little girl with a pink hat photographed in a doorway
Two young sisters sitting in an old rustic doorway

Annnnnnd…back to the “future” (er it’s the past but at the moment it was the present……) 🙂

Nequa Valley High School Senior photographed on a rustic stone wall
High school senior girl photographed amongst ivy on a concrete background

Thank you to P & Andria for selecting Marmalade Photography to capture her Valley High School Senior photos – Class of 2023 – your time is coming!!!

Are you looking to capture images of your high school senior (or teen or Littles)? With over 17 years of custom photography experience MP may be the perfect fit for you! Our sessions are fun, relaxed and a combination of finding the essence of the subject as well as enjoying the scene and creating memories on top of memory making…I promise you that we will create some beautiful art together!!

There’s a reason our clients return and we continue to grow our little Marmalade Photography family…not only does MP create images we create beautiful memories and timeless photos that grow in value through the years. My name is Marianne and I photograph souls, relationships and sometimes furry family members. My number is: 815-603-8450

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Marmalade Photography creates one of a kind portrait sessions for new moms!

Olivia is a long time personal favorite of mine and when she asked me to photograph her maternity portraits I could not say no! Not to dear beautiful Olive! So instead of a typical sneak peek of 2 or 3 images I am going to feature a half a dozen or so of my favorites from her amazing outdoor autumn maternity photography session. We really could not have asked for a better day…maybe it was a little cold but October is still cooperating for beautiful fall colors here in the Southwest Suburbs…and ultimately we all suffer for art 🙂 Just kidding…there was no suffering involved, maybe just a bit of shivering!!

Maternity photos for Chicago Moms
Outdoor pregnancy photos Chicago area
Pregnancy photos in an outdoor setting
Nature inspired pregnancy photos
Mom to be in a wooded setting

Are you looking to get Chicagoland maternity photos taken on location outdoors or in your home?

Look no further than to Marmalade Photography! We are on location photography specialists for Chicago and suburban (and beyond) clientele! We’ve been in business since 2005 (17 years!! We can hardly believe it either!) and we are comfortable photographing in our client’s homes or any location. Are you interested in getting Chicagoland maternity photos done? Please reach out to us at 815-603-8450 to see what beautiful art we can create together for you!

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“Children bring us a piece of heaven on earth.” – Roland Leonhardt

I was blessed to be able to photograph this baby’s mama and dad a few weeks back for M’s maternity session and finally was able to meet this little guy this past weekend! When you hold a newborn you suddenly are humbled as you remember how very small we all make our start in this life…and how truly amazing it is that we each can make such a huge impact on the world!

Thank you M & P for allowing me into your little world for a wee bit of time to honor the early days of baby R’s life. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to document the relationship and bonds that are literally forming in front of my camera when a new life is “in the picture”. Baby R is such a lucky little baby to have such an amazing family to grow up into, I cannot begin to describe the beautiful family bonds forming and all the love I felt during this photo session. It is always an honor to document love, relationship and family.

Here are just a few quick sneak peeks of this relationship style Minooka newborn photography session.

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Labor day weekend is always a great time to visit the great city of Chicago and Chicago weather is so often very cooperative in September. IT’S A TERRIFIC TIME to create some high school senior photos while visiting Chicago (or the area). Dare I say it is one of my favorite months to photograph here because the weather is balmy, the light is pretty divine and everyone is still sporting their summer sun kissed look. While October weather can sometimes be iffy, September often is showy with inspired light to boot!

And while I am certainly not anti-Fall because I do so love autumn, I am also not rushing to get the pumpkin spice rolling or the Fall decor up yet. I am such a fan of the sunshine, long days, sweet tea and being pool or beachside that I go kicking and screaming out of summer into Fall!

This is my way of saying that September is the perfect time for photos, in my opinion. You still have summer and a touch of fall and everything that comes with both.

This Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of meeting this young man and his mom, who traveled from Madison (Wisconsin, that is) to do some senior photos while visiting Chicago. The city is such a great backdrop for photos of any type but especially well suited for stylish young men who have a vision for what their senior portraits should look like. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Dana and her son C and a huge shout out to Darren for the in-Marma-family referral! 😉

On with the sneak peek…these are absolutely awesome photos that I am honored to have been part of the creation of. Thank you C! Thank you Dana!!

Unique, artistic and personality reflecting high school senior photos in the backdrop of the city or the beautiful suburban landscape are within reach and I really try to make sure it is always a relaxed and fun experience for everyone! If you are looking to visit the city of Chicago and create some senior photos or if you are local (even better!) let’s chat! My name is Marianne, I create photos of kids, families and grown ups and love doing what I do. My number? 815-603-8450.

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I have known this beautiful mama-to-be since…oh…2013 or so. It was an absolute joy to be able to photograph her maternity session…at almost 8 months!! Over the years I have watched this young lady grow into a beautiful woman, always so outgoing, so charming and such a gentle spirit!

It goes without saying that this young lady possesses all the characteristics that make up great moms. She is kind, gentle hearted, smart and as lovely as a person as you can imagine. I cannot wait to meet her and her beau’s little one in just over a month & a half…what a lucky little one!

Thank you M & P (and C!!) for allowing me a glimpse into this happy time in your lives and allowing me the opportunity to take these maternity photos in the suburbs of Chicago. Enjoy the sneak peek, this time is fleeting so make sure you’re getting enough rest and kicking those feet up every chance you get!!

Maternity relationship photo

Doesn’t she just glow?! You’d never know that she’s rounding the corner through that last trimester.

Expectant moms in the Chicago area often inquire about what is the best time to be photographed for their maternity session? During a mom’s first pregnancy the time frame is a bit more forgiving vs during subsequent pregnancies…The most common recommendation by photographers is later in the 2nd trimester, the thought being that this is the time that mom-to-be is still glowing and just showing and not feeling that last trimester slow down that is all-too-common. Personally I feel that the perfect time for maternity photos is whenever…and while it may be a little more difficult to get around during the later stages of pregnancy it’s something that is easy to accommodate. So while *ideally* the rule of thumb is sometime during the 2nd trimester just when mom is showing…reality dictates that we take that advice with a grain of salt. The best time for maternity photos is when you feel up to it. Every pregnancy is different and some mamas struggle with morning sickness for a long time and others feel great throughout.

If you are looking to be photographed for maternity photos in the suburbs or in the city of Chicago (or lands beyond!) look no further than Marmalade Photography. We have been photographing families, newborns, soon-to-be-mamas and kids of all ages since 2005. Marmalade Photography believes that your images should be as individual to you as you are to your family. If you are looking for fine imagery created by a photographer that believes in the uniqueness of the human soul and spirit please give drop me a note or give me a call to set up a discovery phone call to see if we are the right fit! 815-603-8450

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