Photography at Home in Lincoln Square

This session preview comes in the middle of many life changes for many of my clients and I applaud C for planning ahead to capture moments in her family’s life that will never be replaced, as they say…time moves forward.

I’ve been photographing the D family for a few years now…in fact before the “baby” was born!! That baby is now six and beautiful as beautiful can be…this whole family is, really.

An at home portrait of this newly graduated high school young adult

a family photo of this Lincolnwood family

An outdoor portrait of a father and his daughter at home in Lincolnwood Family photos taken at client 1MAR1166

Photo of a mom and baby at their Lincolnwood Chicago North Side home

My visit was on the cusp of big transitions and I applaud C (the mom) for knowing that this fleeting time should be captured.  Our children grow up all too fast.  The days seem to drag on and on when they’re babies and toddlers but before you know it they’re waking themselves up, making their own lunches, driving themselves off to friends’ homes and activities and graduating high school…then embarking on their own adult lives.

I seriously have tears in my eyes as I type this.  The nostalgia of this time in my own family is unmistakable (my oldest is a JUNIOR!!  When did that happen?!?!) and I think about that when I see these gorgeous young ladies, who I’ve photographed for years, having their senior photos created by me, then graduating, going off to college and/or big journeys, well…it gets to me a little.  I understand the feelings these moms must be feeling.  I truly do.

And I know that I keep saying it but it’s true: it is an honor to watch little ones grow up and watch families grow.  It is an honor to be invited into a family’s life if only for a few hours to capture their love and their relationships and I am eternally grateful for every opportunity given to me to create images for clients walls and homes.

It was a pleasure to photograph this family once again.  As our children get older it is vitally important to capture this time in your family’s life before they begin exploring the world as adults and I was honored to be welcomed into this client family’s home for a full family session.

While it’s been a few years since I’ve seen this family and when this happens time seems to “freeze” for the photographer.  It’s a bit of a happy shock to know that time didn’t stand still for them and here they are “all grown up” but to see them again at whatever age they are now is, admittedly, a bit disconcerting.

I was on the hunt for images from this family’s first session in 2008 but either my computer isn’t accessing the hard drive where those files lived, which makes me sad but drives home that the fraility of our digital world is all too real.  There were some very fun images of these kids from our first session and as one of the older girls remarked: her favorite photo with her sister is printed and on display in this family’s home, THAT makes me happy.  I’ll have to continue the hunt but with some images on these drives more than 11 years old they may very well be lost to the digital ether.This session was photography at home in Lincoln Square.  My client provided the beautiful home and warm welcoming family and we all just took our time creating and crafting truly one of a kind images.  If you seek to have some photography at home in Lincoln Square (or any other area of the beautiful Chicago area) give us a call.  We will create some custom imagery for your walls, for albums and to give to family and friends and you, well you can sit tight knowing that we’ve been doing this for well over 11 years and enjoy the art of creating memories and fun times.  My number is 815-603-8450, I am Marmalade Photography and I strive to capture beautiful memories for your family to forever cherish.


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