Coal City High School Senior Photos

This young lady has a special place in the heart of Marmalade <3 She is family and it was a pleasure to be able to photograph her for her senior session.

When I get to photograph someone in some of my favorite spaces it brings me joy…especially when it’s been a good fat minute since I have taken camera to said space. Last time I did client sessions there I think it was still in the single digits of the century…soooo at least 13 years. The opportunity to do this session here came up and I was so excited…

…and while I don’t think the location is *everything* in a photo it certainly does matter! The colors, the light and the mood of an image are often influenced by setting. The way the light falls directionaly, the time of year the imagery is captured, the aesthetics and the environmental features of a space influence the overall images. It may even have some sort of airy spiritual meaning for me as the photographer…something FEELS right in this space, for sure.

(and that bares the question of why haven’t I been there in so long?!?! 🙂 )

ANYWAY since this is sneak peek time let’s get to the story. I was privileged enough to have photographed this former “Little” years ago for her parents wedding…well it’s the present future now and she & I took the theme “Flower Girl” literally…she’s still living that life in these images! 😀 I absolutely love that!

So without further adieu I present this Coal City High School Seniors photos sneak peek. FROM FLOWER GIRL to FLOWER GIRL (waves magic wand and makes life fast forward about 16 years)

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