Some News and A Well Deserved Nod to Francesca

I’ve been up for more hours than I can count today…so a real quickie.

After I had posted about her little Senorita and her darling embroidered bloomers/diaper covers here, Francesca was kind enough to send me the link for Sew Cute Creation’s adorable embroidered line.  Since their site isn’t functional yet there’s no point in Googling them however I do have a link to their eBay store.  I love the “sadie” shirt with the polka dots on the letter “s”.  Very smart looking.

Don’t forget the Marmalade Photography Limited Edition Sessions for fall are booking now.  Sessions are filling up quickly and there likely will not be any additional add on dates to these sessions.

Lastly, last time I took my girls out, in typical fashion, one was uncooperative.  So I repeated another little session with them today (btw, it was my 14th wedding anniversary!  Thanks to D for the lovely card, trip to Paris 😉 and the bouquet of my fave blooms!)…of course, and thankfully, the other one was uncooperative so at least I feel like images for this stage of their lives are balanced and varied.  LOL.  Gosh.

Anyway, here’s a taste of that my kid session and also a preview of a couple of new locations to shoot in!   This is it for my kids, summer ends for them next week.  :(  Always sort of a bittersweet, the summer’s end…check out the cool vintage hat on L’s head!  I got a few for $2 a piece, they were kept BEAUTIFULLY by their former owner who had quite a selection at the thrift store I picked these up at.  Love the vintage.

Vintage Hat I

Vintage Hat II

Kaos Blondie

And One of Miss Little Uncooperative

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