Sneak Peek & A Personal Personal Request

Please go here to the Defenders Of Wildlife Petition and sign your name on the petition; there are plans to gun down about 700 (recently in the past 12 years) reintroduced Grey Wolves in the State of Idaho. This is a personal cause of mine, I have followed the Grey Wolf reintroduction since 1995 and I was so impressed with how the balance of the Yellowstone food chain was becoming more like it should be with the reintroduction of the almost extinct Grey Wolf. I implore that you please go sign this petition and let your voice be heard.

Thank you and I appreciate any action on your part regarding this. Our recent trip to Yellowstone has reignited my passion for this gorgeous and well misunderstood species. And heck, I couldn’t be “nature girl” if I didn’t have passion about nature! 🙂


Now for some SNEAK PEEK action.

Braving the heat today, I applaud my subjects today for taking the heat and sweat and low lying Chicago fog in stride. This session was a surprise for the recipient, Cara’s mother in law, who has very recently celebrated a birthday. She showed up at the location with NO IDEA what they had in store (and she was dressed so beautifully, she didn’t seem to be questioning WHY she was dressed to the 9’s to go visit the lions, tigers and bears (OH MY!). A big thanks to Cara and her family, all for coming out today to have a Marmalade Session. It was a pleasure to see you once again!!

Now for some sneak peeks…

Together Again “Cousins”


Love II


Thanks for looking!!




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