Aaaah, I haven’t done a strictly shopping post in awhile. It feels good to virtually shop!!

For the baby who has it all, one of the boutiques at Sophie Says sells this birthday plate & frame set (or one or the other). In either blue or pink, personalization with the child’s birthdate is available. Love it. The girls and I painted a happy birthday plate for our family (we use it on the day of one of our family members’ birthdays…it’s the ‘special plate’…makes for great fun. We painted ours in the Dells at the water park however there are a ton of those DIY pottery places around these days).

I am in awe of this beautiful silk dress by meli meli. Just in awe. I mean, it is drop dead gorgeous. On the meli meli site it shows in silver, pink and gold but here, at Everything But the Princess

it shows as pink and silver. No matter, at $248 it’s definitely Special Occasion worthy. It’s a shame this brand tends to run a size too small because I’d love to have these for the girls. Isn’t it beautiful??

Meli meli has a lovely washable silk line this upcoming fall season, somewhat Euro vintage… I have to say (again) I am just in love with this gorgeousness…just in love with the elegant frilliness of their ‘frocks’.

For moms of boys, I so don’t want to neglect you. To counter the frilliness of my previous paragraph…Wes and Willy is a fantastic line of boutique clothing for boys. Love their guitar motifed line. Who said flannels were out? I think they’re making a casual reappearance…sleeve by sleeve. There’s a lot more there.

I also have it on good authority the Wes and Willy line is well made and can withstand the rigors of boyhood. Keep this in mind when Back 2 School shopping.

Although it’s not shopping related, I dig this site, Enchanted Learning is filled with tons of activities for the K-8 set. It’s a subscriber only site, but well worth the $20/year subscription.

I’m getting ready for the next Q&A with a fellow paperholic!! Be sure to check back within the next two weeks for our next Q&A with Denise!!

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