Playing Catch Up with Sneak Peeks…

Before I left for the NorthWoods I had crisis after crisis occur with my site (still not totally fixed 🙂 ) and a ton of sessions and a ton of to do’s.  So I apologize if I am a little behind and take full responsibility for being a bit haphazard the week prior to vacation.  I cannot believe how everything rained down on me.   Ugh.  Better to make lemonade out of lemons tho…

So before I get to any real discussions of vacation let me premiere my last sessions leading up to pre-vacation.  First up: Baby R.   You may remember her mom, I had the pleasure of photographing during her beautiful mama for her maternity images.  Baby Girl is just two weeks old in these images.  Welcome to the world oh beautiful one, I think you’ll find this place amazing, beautiful and filled with great things.  It was a pleasure meeting you and hanging out with you. 


Chicago Baby Photographer


Chicago Newborn Photography


…finally, one with the whole family and their best friend.  I love dog’s eye view of families!


Chicago Family Photography


• • • • •


Vacation was pure delight.  I adored everything about it.  It took me DAYS to unwind and I think I slept most of my time there.  I got to read a book (in less than 24 hours, I devoured it, it’s My Best Friend’s Girl, really a good beach read).  I haven’t really developed any images but I do have one courtesy of the ole iPhone highlighting the dock & our boat (that we don’t use enough, IMO)!  😀   Ahhh the beauty in kicking back and letting the world pass you by.


Vacation Girl


Thanks for stopping in.  More and more and more in the coming week…


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  • Anna Mayer - June 28, 2008 - 11:04 pm

    These are just wonderful. I LOVE the doggie shot, how funny the ‘first babies’ get when their world is turned upside down 🙂 And your photo from your vacation is perfect. I want to sit on a beach and read, too!

  • nina pomeroy - June 29, 2008 - 8:55 am

    The one with that cute little dog made me laugh out loud. You know he’s saying – there goes my thunder!

  • Pammy - July 9, 2008 - 11:49 am

    Oh…I have been away too long. Lovely as usual. Of course the dog photo is my favorite. But, they are all good. Website looks awesome!

  • Jen Lane - July 30, 2008 - 6:39 pm

    OK Mare. You have been BUSY.
    Your blog is just full of gorgeous, wonderful moments caught by you, turned into art pieces by you.
    I’d see a series and think, “ok, let me leave a comment”, but then I’d peek down just a bit further and get distracted with the next beautiful series! Your vacation looks just amazing. And all of these beautiful families that you’ve spent time with, photographing and laughing, must be so tickled with their images!
    Beautiful work!

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