I’ll be out of town for a photography conference starting Tuesday afternoon until next Monday morning at 9 a.m.   All messages that accumulate over the next few days will be answered then.  Thank you.

Now that I got that out of the way…a sneak peek with the G Family.  I saw them a few months ago for Little D’s mini session but this session was all family.  Lori, Andrew – thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful family as you grow together!!  ALWAYS a pleasure to see you guys.


HANDSOME & FUNNY – a great combination.  Love this kid!


It’s like he’s telling his sister: “SAY CHEESE ALREADY!” (even though we never say cheese!  🙂 )

and finally……


Gosh I really love all these textures.  What a beautiful girl D is!

(sorry about the delay in sneak peeks – I’m still trying to play catch up from all the chaos from the past month & a half)

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It’s been a very busy and sad past few weeks here in Marmaland.  After spending 12 days on the beautiful North Carolina coast I flew home to be at my dad’s bedside.  He passed away on Tuesday August 14 (which also happens to be my wedding anniversary).  May he rest in peace – he was a good man, a good dad and he will be missed by both my siblings and my mother – his wife of (almost) 66 years!  (I can’t imagine…)

It’s been a sad and chaotic month (to say the least).  During all this madness and sadness my computer crashed (the silver lining truly is that the extended warranty expires THIS month so I didn’t have to foot the more than $900 bill).   While we were on vacation my sweet darling Cleo, my cat of 16 years, passed away.   I went to the doctor while I was gone because (not surprisingly!) I had an infection and needed antibiotics.  After hearing all of my woes he told me there was a Yiddish word for what I was experiencing:  TSORIS meaning much trouble and suffering.  Incidentally he handed me a prescription for Xanax for which I took two over the course of the past few weeks, I’m such a lightweight and didn’t really care for how it made me feel even if it was a welcome addition to my life when I was so stressed and tired I couldn’t even get any sleep.

I’ve been hurriedly playing catch up with outstanding orders and client inquiries and this week I am working on edits for clients photographed before I left for my vacation.  I am finding that the best remedy for all the tsoris in my life has definitely been work, thankfully I have my work to help me heal..  I got back to shooting a week and a half ago and have a quick sneak peek from one of those sessions.   The C Family is from Park Ridge and I was honored to photograph them at their beautiful home while their garden was still beautiful.  Thank you Joyce and family for having me out and allowing me into your lives, it was wonderful getting to know all of you.




Thank you for allowing me into your lives to capture these gorgeous images for you.


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Both A & B are Marmalade favorites…you probably have seen the all time favorite image (at the bottom of this post) before…it’s been published and on my websites in years past…just one of many of my favorite client images.  The image below totally tells the story of the personalities involved, which is truly the goal in all my work.

Fast forward to this week:  I had the pleasure of meeting up with them and their adorable little sister, K.  We had a blast, lots of laugh, lots of smiles and a teeny bit of sibling rivalry to make things interesting – I enjoyed seeing these kids, their mom Suzanne and meeting *and become BFFs with* the sweetest toddler in Indiana!!  🙂

Thank you Suzanne for coming out for a Marmalade Photography session at one of our new mixed urban locations.  I think you’ll be so thrilled with how beautiful the images are…




I love this shot because little K looks so contemplative!


and finally a fun blast from the past…

Gosh I still love it so very much.  Reminds me of the old studio…

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  • Suzanne - July 28, 2012 - 11:11 am

    Thanks for the preview! Can’t wait to see the rest!

I love my repeat clients!! Thank you Tera, Joe Joe and kids for coming out this week for an amazing session at one of my nature locations.  I loved seeing how big both O and K have gotten (to me they were still babies!!) – what a beautiful family.  Thanks for the fun afternoon!  On with the sneak peeks…


These are totally awesome kids – loved seeing them as “big” kids


Seriously one sweetheart of a girl!


…and O is a funny funny kid


…and another blast from the past…




one of little K and her dad.

Thank you for stopping in!

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The J Family – how they’ve grown!!  Thank you Lisa & Jeff for coming out (in this crazy heat!) for a natural light session at one of Marmalade Photography’s nature locations in the southwest suburbs!!


Lisa and Little E




LOVE this family!!

…and a quick blast from the past from my first session with Little E and her mom:


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  • Lisa - July 25, 2012 - 4:33 pm

    I love them!! You do such an amazing job – you sure did have to have a quick finger with these littles this time!! Thank you so very much…

  • Marianne - July 25, 2012 - 4:35 pm

    Lisa, check out my FB page for another (funny) shot. xoxo