I was so happy to photograph this family this past weekend.  Michelle called me about a month ago and suggested they wear the formal wear that they had planned for an evening wedding that day for our session and I was ALL OVER THAT idea.  I love the juxtaposition of formal clothing in an urban environment and was so excited for this session.  The best part?  Not only were mom & dad dressed up…so was adorable little N who shined in his suit with tail coat!  ADORABLE!

Cue this up before we get rolling:

Michelle and Bob…enjoy your sneak peek, I very much enjoyed meeting you all!




Thank you C Family!

Baby and family photography in Chicago post has been created by Marianne Drenthe.  In my role as a child and family photographer in this great city I take particular pride in creating unique, one of a kind pieces of art work for my clients.  As you can see this session was no exception.

If you’re interested in creating some personalized art of your family for your home give me a call to discuss:  815-603-8450


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As a Children’s photographer here in Chicago I’ve taken hundreds of “favorites”, this time we’re doing a remix of some of these old faves.

This upcoming slow season I plan on doing a revamp and as I look through my old galleries I see how my work is evolving, how my world outlook has effected the art of my work, essentially my vision.

As I progress through life I find myself feeling freer, lighter.  Less dark, less moody (which in my work I loved), more certain of my place in the world, more sure of who I am and where I am headed.  My work is more reflective of this and I thought it’d be a fun artistic endeavor to play with some images as a sort of artistic study.  I took about 30 minutes one morning and chose a few images to redo.  I wasn’t too picky but I still chose some favorites from the past to play with.

I came up with these versions.  I loved the old versions (and maybe I’ll showcase those later) but in this world filled with dark, gloom, moodiness I definitely welcome the light and airy.  It’s time to shed my skin (I feel like I do a big change every seven years) – shedding my skin and moving forward.

Thank you to all my clients who continue to grow with me and my artistic growth.  I promise I will continue to produce the quality of imagery you have come to expect from me and much like Picasso I guess I have had a blue period.  😀

Professional Photographer-for-Chicago-Children


chicago-child-photographer natural outdoor location child photography in chicago




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Are you in need of some beautiful family fall photo mini session photos?  Maybe you’re in between sessions or maybe you want to try Marmalade Photography out or perhaps you just want some exquisitely created Holiday Cards.  Well you’re definitely in luck because we are announcing our popular Fall Minis for 2013 with limited days.



DETAILS:  10/29 Field Session in Joliet, IL (40 min SW of Chicago), 11/4 11/6 & 11/13 Forest Session in Channahon, IL at one of our stunning wooded locations


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Ahhhh…the D Family, how I love thee…watching your family grow up and become even more amazing year after year is a treat that only photographers (likely) understand.  Thank you once again for a wonderful afternoon, this time at our beautiful urban location.  This session was amazing, fun and it as always it was wonderful to see you all.  I can’t believe how big E is. Seems like only yesterday I photographed her for the first time (cannot believe that was in 2008)!!  Thank you once again and please enjoy your sneak peek.



Beautiful AND silly – love this little girl!  Such a sweetie.

chicago family photographer

LOVE THIS ^^^ and finally…one had to be there to understand what a wonderful capture the next shot is, the fact that I got Aki to look in the camera is reward enough for the whole season!


This is such a sweet dog it’s a shame she hates when you raise a camera in front of your face, she is so beautiful!

I think we’ve hit it out of the ballpark!  This Chicago family photographer strikes again!  Thank you so much D family.  I love love seeing you all!


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I’ve photographed N since he was a six week old, teeny tiny and sweet, big blue eyed baby boy.  Fast forward a few years and here we are!  I love seeing him and his mom and photographing them and their beautiful Golden Retriever Stella, who totally has my heart as well.

Thank you Kim, thank you N and thank you Stella for a wonderful session and a wonderful visit.  Here’s a quick little sneak peek:

child-photography-on-location-naperville on-location-photo-sessions-at-home-in-naperville

On Location Photos in Naperville

You can view some of the images of our last session together here

As a Naperville child and family photographer I have traveled on location to clients’ homes dozens of times over my past 8 years in business.  I worked in Naperville for a number of years so I am very aware of the area and great little spots to photograph in (if you’re not comfortable with having photos done at your home).  Don’t hesitate to call for a fairly local session in Naperville if you are seeking some out of the box imagery to highlight as art in your home.  You won’t regret it ever (pinky swear!)  Call me at 815-603-8450 and ask for Marianne.


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