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🙂 Thanks to all of you who have sent me congratulatory wishes on the inclusion in the book mentioned in the blog post prior to this one. I guarantee you my images only comprise a fraction of what is within that text and yet I’m rather okay with that. I am still floating on cloud 9 about it.

(warning GEEK talk ahead):

Over the course of the past several weeks I have undertaken a rather large project, I’m giving my Mac Book Pro a split personality. I upgraded the OS to Leopard and installed Parallels on it in the hopes of getting Windows to work on it (it does). The point of all this is to install a program to work on it that is devoted to the studio owner. I kid you not when I quote the following amount of time: it has taken approximately 20 hours for me to get to this point of playing around with it, getting everything installed appropriately and now…and NOW…my (bleeping) printer won’t communicate with the computer via the wireless network. This is how I spent a number of days recently in my sick bed (did I mention I was down with bronchitis/laryngitis for several days). I have to say it feels like a challenge at this point, there HAS to be a way to make this work.

I find that with stuff like this (and coding blogs like I have done recently) is a muddling through process for me. It’s so obvious I really don’t KNOW what I’m doing but that I have just enough knowledge to make me dangerous. My nephew, Andrew who happens to be my computer go to guy, will 125% attest to this laugh at me when/if he reads this. It’s true. I muddle through. Sort of the blind leading the blind, except well, I see. 😀

That’s my newest and greatest news. Now that I’m feeling a bit better I am sitting upright and editing (couple sessions will have galleries released this week) and doing some picture ordering for clients and sending out orders. My apologies to anyone who I may have infected in my daily life (aka my family).

So what good is a post about sickness and computers without a picture? The following image was created several months ago for a photographers website site…the project required a photo of my workspace. Not much has changed (well I did clean it up but once again it’s a mess, and the Treo altho is still with me, I have added an iPhone to the fold as well).

The cluttered mind of Marmalade


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xoxo, Mare

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